Sentinels Defeat XSET 3-1 to Win VCT North America Stage 3 Challengers 1

They remain as the best VALORANT team in North America.

Champions of VCT Reykjavík, Sentinels, continue their dominance in the North American scene by winning VALORANT Champions Tour: North America Stage 3 Challengers 1. ShahZam and co. took down XSET 3-1 in the deciding Grand Finals series.

Coming into VCT Stage 3 this season, Sentinels looked very much unstoppable judging their previous season’s outcome. With TenZ now officially on board, the team had what it takes to maintain their throne of champions. However, their journey towards victory isn’t exactly the easiest.

From the start, Sentinels struggled to remain in the Upper Bracket. Firstly, they took down Gen.G Esports in the Upper Bracket, but they had to drop one map in Icebox in the process. Then, they met XSET in the Upper Bracket Semifinals where they lost 2-1 and had to drop down into the Lower Bracket.

It was in the Lower Bracket where Sentinels had a much smoother run. In the three series that followed, Sentinels defeated Pioneers, Team Envy, and 100 Thieves with three consecutive 2-0 outcomes. They are thus worthy to proceed to the Grand Finals where they had a chance to fight against XSET one last time.

The first game already had fans and viewers on their seats as the two battled intensely. Game 1 in Haven ended up being XSET’s, setting up a possibility for a clean win for them against the defending champions. But Sentinels had a different ending which they wanted to go down in history.

It was in Game 2’s Breeze where Sentinels regained their momentum. Sentinels took the lead early on in the first half, with Sick stepping up for the team on that map, translating to their first victory in the series -- tipping the series back into a balance.

XSET, too, didn’t want to let Sentinels run loose all over them. They held firm on Game 3 for the first half, with XSET’s AYRIN forcing the series into overtime. It was Sentinel’s zombs that eventually brought the lead back into his team’s favor in spite of the overtime.

Similarly, Game 4 was no easy feat for either team. The series went back and forth up to a critical score of 10-10, but in the end, Sentinels closed the series by winning the remaining three rounds. Again, Sentinels were crowned victors of VCT NA Stage 3 Challengers 1.

Alongside the win, Sentinels attained themselves the first seed in the upcoming VCT: North America Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs. Runner-up teams XSET, 100 Thieves, and Team Envy also received the same seeding as Sentinels in the event to follow.

Featured Image by @valesports_na.