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Rescue Party: Live is Overcooked with Natural Disasters

30 July 2021Yabes Elia

Imagine Overcooked with fire, floods, or earthquakes.

If you play Overcooked or Overcooked 2, you will know how chaos can ensue between friends and family. That’s a game about cooking. Imagine if the game is about natural disasters such as fire, floods, or even earthquakes.

Rescue Party: Live is a co-op game (local or online) about being first responders in natural disasters. It is coming to Steam in Fall 2021. 505 Games and TAG Studio have teamed up for this game.

“Collaboration is the key to overcome dangerous situations, so Rescue Party: Live! can be enjoyed both online and locally, where players can use four controllers simultaneously or share a keyboard for maximum chaotic fun! Across a variety of game events, disasters and terrain, no rescue mission will be the same.” Said 505 Games in the official announcement.

As you can see from the announcement trailer above, its graphics style is cute, but the game will definitely trigger some shoutings for the players. You can play nine characters, including firefighters, lifeguards, volunteers, and a guide dog named Poppy Bark.

Rescue Party: Live is unusual for 505 Games. Previously, they published more serious games such as Control, Ghostrunner, or Bloodstained. However, considering the Overcooked series was a success, it’s no wonder to follow the footstep. In April 2018, Overcooked has sold over 500k copies only on Switch (released in July 2017). While Overcooked 2 has 2 million estimated players on Steam alone, according to PlayTracker.

On another note, multiplayer games gain popularity recently since 84% of gamers use gaming as a socializing tool, according to a report from Accenture.

Let’s see if Rescue Party: Live could get the same success or if it’s a recipe for disasters.

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