Path Officially Expanding to Indonesia, Looks For Country Manager

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October 7, 2014

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The design oriented social networking startup Path has been under intense rumor that the company will open its Jakarta office sometime soon. This rumor is going even stronger now that the company is officially looking for a representative (Country Manager) in the country via the Jobs section on its website. The Country Manager will be responsible in building a team of marketing and business development professionals in Indonesia.

According to the job vacancy, Path is looking for a Country Manager that will be responsible to push the growth in Indonesia, pushing monetisation effort, and also to work together with a local PR agency. Path is looking for someone who knows Indonesian market inside out, with strong experience in social/mobile/e-commerce, as well as marketing and PR skills.

Even though Path is based in the US, it has been obviously struggling to grow its user base in its home country. Similar to the story of BlackBerry and Multiply, Path grew its popularity in an unlikely place, an emerging market, Indonesia (let’s hope that Path is not going down the same way like the two aforementioned companies). The fact that 20% of its users are based in Indonesia, it’s not surprising that an Indonesian company ended up investing in Path.

Path CEO, Dave Morin admits that Indonesia is an essential market for current growth of Path. Like mentioned before, Path has more than 20 million users across the globe, 4 million of them are in Indonesia. Indonesia is the number one market for Path, and US is number two. Furthermore, Morin gave a statement that 70% of Path users in Indonesia are on Android, while the rest are using iOS devices.

So, are you interested to join Path as Country Manager for Indonesia? Go ahead and check out the official job vacancy.

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