Japan’s MicroAd Expands Business in Indonesia

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June 24, 2011

MicroAd, Japan-based ad network and data exchange platform company is expanding their operation to the huge un-tapped market of Indonesia. Working together with PT Rizki Bukit Abadi and PT Corfina Mitrakreasi in establishing PT MicroAd Indonesia.

PT Rizki Bukit Abadi who claimed to be a major shareholder in media conglomerate Global Mediacom (we can’t find any info to support or confirm this), while PT Corfina Mitrakreasi is a venture investment firm focusing mostly on IT startups. The company raised around USD $200k, with 51% for MicroAd and 49% for Corfina.

According to Corfina’s CEO, Suryanto Wijaya who is also the appointed CEO of MicroAd Indonesia, the company will focus on online portal advertising and behavioral targeting system. In Japan, Microad owns 10% marketshare, that’s 7bn ad impression and 55 million unique visitors every month. CEO MicroAd Japan, Kentaro Watanabe said that Indonesia is a country with huge population and huge potential. For the last few years the internet traffic increasing really fast, that guarantee Watanabe’s investment in this ad network business in Indonesia.

MicroAd used to be a part of CyberAgent until it was spun off to a different company in 2007. MicroAd basically enables clients to exchange audience profiling data such as behavioral data or interest. As a first step, MicroAd provides their own 300 millions unique browsers data and analysis technology for publishers. MicroAd promote audience targeting in Japan market, now now officially targeting Indonesia with its huge mobile internet user base.

This service provide end-user profiling data and privacy legislation, which are restricted only for ad serving optimization. Concerning to user privacy, MicroAd conduct operations in accordance with guidelines and advertising standards in terms of consumer protection formulated by the Japan Internet Advertising Association (JIAA). MicroAd strives to protect user safety.

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