eVoucher Provides Online Discounts For Electronics

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November 1, 2010

Out of so many Groupon clones existed in Indonesia, eVoucher might be the only one with a differentiation -although not exactly a strong one. How eVoucher.co.id works is basically the same as other Groupon clones, the payment method is also pretty much the same, but the oh-not-so-strong differentiation is on the items they sell. eVoucher focuses on selling discounts for electronics and gadgets, and when i say focuses means they’re not exclusive for electronics and gadgets only but also restaurants.

As much as you want to ask why the hell is the reason they decided to combine restaurants and gadgets deals, i personally think that the online buying desire for Indonesian people is still lacking due to the much efforts needed to actually pay for the deal. It’s not like they can’t afford it, it’s just too much hassle. But these Groupon clones seems to push their marketing effort to the limit in order to invite more people to use their services and deals, but no one seems to come up with an easier way to pay.

And so far, i don’t see any strategy from eVoucher to tap into Indonesia’s super-huge mobile market whatsoever. Seems like the mobile market is not a priority for eVoucher – and in this case – most of the Groupon clones don’t give too much attention for their mobile strategy. Maybe after this post, they would consider our post to tap into more than 50 million cellphone users with a small portion of that number uses smartphones with emails and social networking apps enabled.

Nevertheless, eVoucher has come up with a unique positioning for themselves for people looking for electronic and gadget deals. And to boost their marketing effort, eVoucher come up with a referral system where user can get around USD $1.50 for each new user they invited and buy a deal on the website.

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