Event Review: Celebrating Bancakan 2.0’s First Anniversary

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February 28, 2011

DailySocial, Rama and I, were absolutely excited to participate in Bancakan 2.0’s meetup on 25-27 February 2011 at Hotel Hyatt Yogyakarta, and we were right. The event was organized well and their welcome was very warm.

This was my first time attending their event and I was totally impressed with Jogjanese spirit, both committee’s and participants’. The total participants were 200 people out of 240 people registered online. Bancakan 2.0 meetup this time was very special because it also happened to be their 1st anniversary and collaborated with Nokia. It wasn’t only for one day but for three days in a row. 1st day’s theme was Mobile Apps and Game, and the next two days’ theme was Qt Smartphone and Developer Day of workshop and hackday.

1st day event started with introduction from Tey and Yohan from FOWAB, appointed to replace the original MC who had to miss the event. Then Fachry welcomed participants of college students, public, and various communities such as FOWAB, JogTugCahAndongJogjaBerryAyoSehatResepMiniRotiFreshSuwec and many more. Afterwards, Andrea Facchini from Nokia gave a presentation on Nokia’s market share, including Indonesia being one of the top 5 countries from Nokia’s global market share. He also gave presentation on supports given by Nokia to developers which already have or interested in developing their applications in Nokia’s application store, such as applications’ introduction, promotion, and free marketing tools.

The first speaker was Andri Yadi from DyCode, developer of iPhone application Movreak. Andri talked about mobile development platform. He explained about many opportunities Indonesia’s developers can use such as Symbian, Java, iOS, BlackBerry, Android. He also presented diagram on difficulty levels from applications development.

Andri also did some live coding from mobile device’s application development. He gave some tips for developers, among others are: reserve 70% time to maximized UI from application, and then take application sample from a developed one. The new idea from this application is for cross platform. Another tips from him: release early, release often.

Second speaker is Guntur Sarwohadi, Head of ADGY and casual game developer. Guntur spoke about games development he’s been doing, including one of them is SkyFire funded by MochiFund. He also presented explanation of games development process like using flash technology, ordering songs to composers, and using open source tools.

Several other things he presented were stages in developing games, starting from ideas and design, making prototype, and production, after that thouching up process and development. Last but not least, release. Guntur also explained that market share for games nowadays are getting wider with support from software, tools and the market itself. Monetizing strategy is also an option using single pay, license, freemium, virtual items and subscription.

The last speaker is Arief Widhiyasa from Agate Studio. Combined with data and humor, Arief gave his presentation of what had, is, and might will become of game industry development. He said that game world will enter its golden era soon. He explained about how to monetize game development, among other with systems like download, sponsorship, advertisement, and micro transaction.

Arief, without live coding this time, suggested to those who are interested in entering game development world, to start from simple idea because execution is the most important part. Create a solid team because team work is very important in developing game (unless you are doing everything by yourself), so each team member must perform their tasks well.

Other than those three speakers, Narendra Wicaksono, representing Nokia also explained about opportunities that mobile application developers can use. The event was also enlivened with quizzes and Q&A sessions. Mobile phones were given to the winners.

Another thing enlivened Bancakan’s 1st anniversary was “potong tumpeng” (local tradition of taking the top part of rice formed like cone and give the first cut to someone else). There were Fachry, representing Bancakan, and other friends from other communities, including Rama of Daily Social. The meetup ended with photo session.

Bancakan 2.0 meetup is completed. Let’s wait and see who’s gonna be the winner of Hackathon. I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to Bancakan. Keep the spirit on, keep taking parts on developing technology, especially for startup world and developers in Jogja and of course, our beloved country Indonesia.

Disclosure: DailySocial is one of Bancakan 2.0 media partner. My apology for photos quality.

Translated by Nita Sellya.


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