BREAKING: Google Siap Garap Pasar Indonesia

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June 22, 2010

Well, jika diantara pembaca DailySocial yang menunggu Chrome OS untuk segera hadir dan bisa digunakan di netbook yang ada di pasar Indonesia, atau anda menjadi salah satu fan boy dari Google Chrome? Siap-siap, Google sepertinya sudah cukup serius dan mempersiapkan berbagai startegi untuk menjinakkan pasar Indonesia.

Kalau mau melihat pesaing mereka, seperti Yahoo! yang sudah duluan menikmati besarnya pangsa pasar di Indonesia, memang tinggal menunggu waktu untuk para giant lain masuk dan berkonsentrasi lebih pada pasar Indonesia. Termasuk juga Google.

Dan hari ini, tepatnya 22 Juni 2010, Google mengadakan sebuah acara semacam media gathering Google pertama di Indonesia untuk mengumumkan inovasi produk terbaru dari Google, dengan menghadirkan Andrew McGlinchey, Head of Product Management, Google Southeast Asia serta partner mereka di tingkat lokal.

Salah satu pendekatan dengan rasa lokal yang mereka lakukan adalah melalui browser andalan mereka, Google Chrome, dengan membuat themes dengan cita rasa lokal lalu bekerjasama dengan penyedia konten lokal seperti Kaskus, Detik, 21 Cineplex. Gimana caranya? Lewat plugin, jadi nanti user tidak perlu membuka halaman web untuk melihat info dari detik, ber-Kaskus ria serta melihat jadwal dan review film.

Kalo saya sendiri melihat langkah ini menjadi salah satu persiapan untuk hadirnya Chrome OS serta meng-capture pangsa pasar browser di Indonesia, dengan pertumbuhan notebook/netbook yang besar tentu, Google juga ingin menikmati kue dari penggunaan browser di sini.

Menarik sekali mengikuti perkembangan penetrasi Google di Indonesia, bukan? Plus, they have a delicious cupcake 😀

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  1. Langkah yang tepat bagi Google untuk masuk ke Indonesia. Karena memang pasar internet di Indonesia lagi tumbuh dengan pesat, bisa dilihat dengan pertumbuh trafik data yang eksponensial, dibandingkan voice dan sms.

  2. Yap Android cupcake you mean?

    Sure, they will be head-to-head with Apple iPhone and iPad.

    However, do iPhone and iPad has significant existence here? I think not 🙂 Next year there will be thousands of Android Phones flocking into Indonesia and in mid 2011 I predict there will be also Android tablets.

    Knowing that the media is now here, (Chrome, ChromeOS), our web apps developers should be more creative on creating high-quality content to be consumed by huge Indonesian unique market.

  3. Unfortunately, most of Indonesian Developers are native apps / usual web developers.
    And most of Indonesian Internet users are Firefox, IE, or Opera users.
    And most of all, Indonesian Bandwidth from all ISP are leaks.

  4. First, there is mobile

    Indonesian users not using Firefox, IE, or Opera. Most of them access internet using apps that preinstalled on their handset.

    Second, what is web apps

    Web Apps is NOT native apps. it's amalgamation of web “site” that runs on browsers, web “service” that powering native/mobile apps. Web apps is an apps that lies on the web. Thinking of a web is just website is obsolete nowadays.

    Third, ISPs
    I am lucky that firstmedia has excellent service for me. I installed it on my room in Jakarta. And needless to say, Speedy is helping internet penetration. I installed it on my home at Central Java. They are improving their service. 🙂

    Fourth, Bandwidth
    This is emphasize. What makes bandwidth expensive. Since Indonesia is LACK of local content. So that ISPs forced to use Int'l bandwidth which is uber expensive rather than using IIX or OpenIXP which they can take it for granted.

    What's the solution? Make a rocking contents for Indonesian internet market! Quoting my favourite entertainment site:

    “Kalau bukan sekarang kapan lagi ™” 🙂

  5. First, the mobile can be the bad thing.
    Who do you call “Indonesian users NOT using Firefox, IE, or Opera”?. Moreover, [I said] NOT using Google Chrome [and related]?
    It's like calling Indonesian are “Internet Slaves”.

    Second, I know what's web apps.
    I typed “most of Indonesian Developers are native apps / usual web developers”.
    That's mean, “Native Desktop Apps” OR “Usual Website” developers, I don't mean those all “same”.

    Third, Indonesian ISPs are have a limits.
    You could compare the results to another services outside, and other network carriers.
    The controversial thing is, there are new problems after enabled internet access at some places.

    Fourth, the unstable Bandwidth.
    I've proved it since couple years ago.
    The expensive rates comes from the LACK of the government and much other problems.

    What's the solution? Don't just make a contents, create a platform “or” innovation.
    Because most of [not all] Indonesians are only using it, not develop it.
    It's phenomenal, but incompetent.

    “If you can reply back, why not?” – Me

  6. First of all

    1. Maybe it is exaggeration of me negating all the thing, but looks like I got you *wink*. However, a large percentage of Internet users in Indonesia is not using PC. Their hooked up on their BBs and other mobile platforms, prove? http://www.slideshare.net/andisboediman/monetiz… which is 5x broadband users. Mobile internet market is more delicious than desktop here.

    2. You mean developer? What kind of developers you have met? I have met the a most innovative folks out here. . Their paradigm is moving dude, What I said so decade ago, since the paradigm is shifting now. And this shift will be really fast. There is so much to do and fix, but it will progress really fast. With catalyst like SparxUp Award and Startup Local it will leads to chain reactions of innovation. Remember how Silicon Valley grew up? It's almost similar story here. But with Indonesian taste. 🙂

    3. What limits? OpenIXP and IIX has no limit except the hardware itself. To simplify things, if you are ISP, you can put your router there and you can access all local website with GigaBit of speed. This facility is really good. There is also regional hub like JIX for Jogja which is hooked directly to IIX. _o if local bandwidth is used more than int'l bandwidth then it will make bandwidth cheaper for end-users.

    4. What you are bashing govs again? Wake up dude. Govs now is progressing unlike 'years ago' even if it's still not adequate but it is progressing. And do you know that IIX and OpenIXP is not government project. Internet in indonesia growing from its grass-roots :). This is not a time for us to bash govs, especially if you don't vote, like me *LoL*

    How come you say expensive if you can got 1.5 MBps bandwidth for Rp 250K ? :). The situation now is really different than 'couple years ago :)'.

    Yes, I am Didiet from MijiX, but unveiling identity of a person in public place without their consent is not a polite thing to do :D.

  7. wait. “with the plugin”?
    I think it mean “with the extension” [for Chrome].
    Waiting, what's looks like the ID-Extensions from local [outside for me] media

  8. End of all [But you could continue this]

    1. [okay, maybe I don't know more again, what happen in Indonesia right now]
    But at least, there are many or a few of Firefox, IE, Opera, Chrome, Safari users?
    I think the situation becomes worst than before [based on your explanation].
    Sorry to hear that. Indonesian only becomes the consumer, not the producer.

    2. Hey, I meant about “the sentences” that I typed before, not such as the developer you mean.
    I've met a few developers from Indonesia. But, most of them have a different ideology.
    Which is, have a limitation with the actual informations and features they can get from the nearby places, and also the limited support and appreciation from the society and the government.

    3. About the limitation. Can you give a screenshot, it's the easy way to prove the bandwidth right there? Just a simple thing to do with it, reveal the truth.
    There are some likely topics I want to know more.

    4. Hey, I'm already wake up. It's morning here. Not like you there. 🙂
    Talking about the government project. Is that really the government? the politician?
    Only the creative peoples who creates and manages the IT “or” technology development.
    What I can remember is “Depkominfo”, that isn't same as the “government” what I'm talking about. Hmm. Internet in indonesia is like epiphyte. Which is, growing faster than I thought,
    not like green-grasses you said/typed.

    Because I typed “expensive”. I'm not saying.
    1.5 MBps? That's only what you got? Or I can say, the ISPs' bandwidth access got? Sorry to hear that. I called one of my friend, and he said, “90 KBps – 1.1 MBps”. Well, not so lucky.

    Yes, but unveiling identity of a person who I don't know is a bad thing to do. 😀
    But I've edited and deleted that words…

    One of ridiculous thing I've ever seen from Indonesian media:
    http://www.kapanlagi.com/partner/twitter/ Know it from my friend, a few months ago.
    Related to this post, Kaskus also did something same. with different method.
    That prove the internet access and the knowledge in there are LEAKS.
    Hoping something blurry, that couldn't catch it.

  9. 1. Whaat?!?! You nullify the effort of koprol, tokopedia, urbanesia, tokobagus, dailysocial, kaskus and more to come in the near future by saying 'not a producer' of web services. I can say no more, you should read more articles on dailysocial. The problem is, maybe, is the awareness, exposure, and funding, USA has an advantage with head start on Silicon Valley, like in rama's post on rampok.net (http://rampok.net/creative-ideas-are-cheap).

    2. Stop bashing government. Indonesia is not the place when you can rely on govs :D. And about society, If your product rocks then it is attractive, when it is retarded, crappy then it is sucks. There relies the appreciation from society. And it is the common law around the globe.

    3. Speed? You want screenshot? here, I just taken it before posting this http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/6672/screens… And it's not from ISP, it is from my home internet account. If I go to ISP in Cyber Building then it will be like this http://www.speedtest.net/result/196342445.png, I capture that on 2007, maybe better right now.

    4. Well those 'grass-roots' is true. Do you know the history of IIX/APJII/OPENIXP? I just want to inform you that maybe you are faraway there, and don't know about it. It comes from grass-roots. In case you are ignorant of it this is the story http://chip.co.id/articles/mag/2008/07/31/tes-t…. And this make Indonesian internet grows like present days. Hope your eyes are more open, and don't forget to take a bath and get some coffee~

    Well for the last 'ridiculous' thing. That's the name of 'social media marketing', CMIIW. I am not 100% agree with their way, but, Indonesian market is really unique. It maybe 'ridiculous' there 🙂 but It works here. That's why some high profile overseas company like Google and Yahoo! figuring out right now. And you know what, only locals know best of their market.

    I hope this is conclusion of these rattle. There are more for me to do right now. Sleep is one of them. Au revoir~
    Nice discussion with you Hanif 🙂

  10. 1. Why?!?! Don't so mad at me. Notice what you said to me before. The Mobile users in Indonesia are way to high. You told me that. What I mean, clearly enough; most of the peoples in there, are users.
    I'm not talking about developers. I can say more, you should know the real good condition out of your place, think reliable for the future. Not just USA, India [the developing country] also have a nice works.

    2. Well yeah, I blame it. But the government, is one of the reason I moved out.
    The programs are riot. Fails, over and over again, including the education system.
    And what I heared off, are the new problems. Some of my little friends couldn't hold it.
    *Break out the cage, nothing related again with the government again*

    3. Okay, that's enough for proving the bandwidth. Usual Speed Rate in there.
    How much you pay for it? Wondering~

    4. 'Epiphyte', not just a grass, it's parasite. Sucks the peoples to buy and use. Take the money go. Just a little bit information what I got long ago, the history of the rounded internet in there. I just only remember about APJII. But how about the new internet technology? Thinks real at this time. But that's all started to become the huge problem with the informations and media.
    Hope your eyelids are more open, and don't forget to reply this again and get some fingers~?

    For the 'ridiculous' thing I mentioned above, notice the product; it's iPad with the FAKE Webpage. Untargeted market and moreover, it's silly. Fooling the people.
    Do you know why they're figuring out the potential market in Indonesia?
    Because it's like jump in to the Money-Rig. Digging up the Money from people easily, Indonesians are consumptive.

    There are more conclusions to reveal. And way to do with it, is reply again.
    The time goes on, I've a lot more activities to do this afternoon.
    Just call me Haidar, 'Luna'. XD LOL debated with 'Lynx Luna'.
    Related: What I know from my friend now; there is a nasty popular trending problem with “Luna” Maya? What is it? He said, “Parah Banget”. He don't want to tell me.

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