Yume no Machi Souzou linkai Acquires Klik-Eat

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September 2, 2014


Yume no Machi Souzou linkai (shortened to Yume no Machi), the largest food delivery server in Japan, has just increased its possession of Klik-Eat’s shares to 55,6% from 19%. This makes the collaboration of Yume no Machi, IMJ Investment Partners, and a Japan-based private investor, according to the information we’ve obtained, control 80% of Klik-Eat’s shares. This new acquisition, however, doesn’t change Klik-Eat’s structure, as Michael Saputra and Willy Haryanto, Klik-Eat’s co-founders, still in the lead.

Yume no Machi will involve into Klik-Eat’s business operation and management. This has actually been started since Yume no Machi’s first investment last year, when Yume no Machi’s CEO Rie Nakamura and Finance Manager Masateru Kaneko joined Klik-Eat’s executive board as director and commissioner.

Yume no Machi added further that it won’t shut the opportunity of making Klik-Eat as their ride to expand to highly prospective Southeast Asian market. Demae Can, its main service which was established in 1999 and has partnered with 11.000 restaurants, has become the most popular food delivery service in Japan.

Klik-Eat itself was founded by Michael Saputra, Willy Haryanto, and Andrew Pangestan in 2012. The initiation derived from its founders’ dream of serving people who want to eat their favorite foods without having to deal with the traffic. So far, this Indonesia’s representative at Echelon 2012 has served citizens of Jakarta, Tangerang, and Bandung.

Recently Klik-Eat had just expanded its business by introducing Papa Bento online catering last April. Andrew, one of the co-founders, has decided to quit from the company once the acquisition is completed.

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