Warung Pintar Improves Partnership, Collaborates With OVO, Go-Pay, and Flock

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November 8, 2018
Warung Pintar has 1000 traditional shop partners, focusing on being a supply chain for shop owners
Board of management of Warung Pintar, OVO, and Flock / Warung Pintar

Entering the first year, Warung Pintar announces the realization of 1000 stores in Jabodetabek. It’s claimed as an achievement for startups which commitment is to improve income and quality of traditional shops in Indonesia.

In providing more benefits to traditional shop owners, Warung Pintar also partners with OVO and Go-Pay for non-cash payment. To get a brand that intends to have marketing activities using their outlets in Jabodetabek, Warung Pintar partnered up with Flock, a creative agency.

Advertising platform for FMCG brand

The partnership with Flock is introduced intentionally to give another opportunity for brands, especially FMCG, to have marketing activities using relevant target market. The shop owners will also get additional income through Warung Pintar platform.

“Using the current technology, all data can be tracked in and out by brands easily. Ads can be targeted and customized by brands in accordance with the demand,” Agung Bezharie Hadinegoro, Warung Pintar’s Co-Founder and CEO, said.

Later, the displaying ads in each store will be adjusted to the location, weather, and current trends. Television will be the media. The plan is for ads to live in all Warung Pintar partners soon.

“There will be around 30 brands ready to put ads on Warung Pintar. Most of those are FMCG companies intended to acquire new users,” Ian Hady Wibowo, Flock’s CEO, said.

Focus to be supply chain for traditional shops

As a technology company, Warung Pintar is getting focused on providing what partners demand, in this case, traditional shop owners. It is to be used by Warung Pintar as supply chain by building warehouses with a function to accommodate ordered items.

“Currently, Warung Pintar has started to target supply chains due to shop owners demand who often have difficulty in buying products. By having relevant partners, we aim to answer all the demand,” he added.

Warung Pintar has been recorded to increase revenue from its partners up to 37%. With 34 existing principal partners, Warung Pintar provides around 370 products. Moreover, there are four thousand traditional shops registered as partners throughout Indonesia, 70% of those are from Jabodetabek.

“We still have plans to expand outside Jabodetabek, in fact, we choose the fast-growing locations with an entrepreneur network approach with enthusiasm to success,” Hadinegoro concluded.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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