TurnPoint Offers the First Tropical Tech Bootcamp in the World

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October 28, 2014

Hubud (Hub-in-Ubud), a provider of co-working space in the exotic Ubud, Bali, plans to launch its sister company, TurnPoint this November. TurnPoint facilitates those who want to give more meaning to their work and life with a series of intensive classes. Despite the fact that the company will get officially released next month, TurnPoint has already held a tropical tech bootcamp which features eight participants from all over the world as the prototype of its later programs.

By joining the bootcamp, the participants are expected to upgrade their own skills set. The great selection of location is believed to make it even easier for them achieving such target. This is actually in line with TurnPoint’s services.

This TurnPoint’s boot camp gives participants a new working experience by being in the same surrounding as the experts. This boot camp focuses on several areas, from technology to entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and design.

The bootcamp, which is resulted from TurnPoint’s partnership with Ruby on The Beach, is the first tech classes set at a tropical location in the world. It aims to generate the best learning environment by establishing the perfect technology, infrastructure, and curriculum to support it. This boot camp lasts for nine weeks and features eight participants and three tutors from Canada, the U.S, Netherlands, and Singapore. It trains participants to work on projects using Ruby on Rails Framework which runs on Ruby programming language.

“Classes happening in such an environment is something mind-blowing. What we have accomplished in learning in a stretch of three weeks probably equals to three or six months of goofy self-learning with little impact. But in three weeks the pace, the environment, the group of people, the flow of information and how it connects all together it rockets the engine further, it really boosts the engine further,” Will, one of participants, stated.

Besides training participants’ technical capability, the boot camp also looks to enhance their team work by dividing them into small groups. Each group is mentored by one tutor. How will this scheme contribute to the enhancement of local startup? We’ll see.

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