TrackPense will Track Down Your Expenses

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March 10, 2011

If you often wonder where have all your money gone, or you have problems with having to have to note down every single expenses and income you make, this one is NOT the solution for your financial management. In your case, you should contact a reliable financial planner.

Named as TrackPense, this is a web-based application from a local developer which can help you manage your daily expenses. Well, there are two article on expense records management today, isn’t that a sign how much we all need them?

TrackPense will track down all your daily expenses, including a daily graphic on your total expenses. You can set your monthly budget limit and TrackPense will ‘warn’ you if you are nearing the budget. Although there’s no explanation how near is ‘nearing’ before the notification appears. There’s no information whether the notification will be sent through email or not, although that’s how I think it will be.

Every expenses will be recorded based on date, nominal, category, tag (related issue), and record. In History, you can track down your past expenses, including grouping based on category. Meanwhile, TrackPense is only available in English and accommodate five currencies, other than IDR, US Dollars (USD), British Poundsterling (GBP), Australian Dollar (AUD), and Singapore Dollar (SGD). TrackPense also accommodate cell phone access. According to their Twitter account, TrackPense users will be able to add transaction via email.

For me TrackPense looks simpler than NgaturDuit or Amplop.in. UI wise, it looks interesting, plus it is using AJAX technology. Alas, there are more TrackPense should add as their features. For example, I want to see graphic based on categories, or how do I do it if I want to use at least two currencies at once, IDR and USD, with currency conversion option.

Actually, from all local applications, for me (and some others) the killer thing is whether they have mobile versions. If we use our pocket money, it will be great if we are also able to record the expense with mobile apps. By using English and several currencies, this application should be able to accommodate not only Indonesian, but also people from other countries.

And if I am allowed to have further dream, it will be splendid if there’s an Indonesian application that is integrated with banking system, like Mint. Of course, this will turn out to be quite a hassle because it will involve Bank Indonesia as regulator.

TrackPense now open for public, you can go to their website to register.

Translated by Nita Sellya

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