Sealing Rp 66 Billion Seed Funding, GNum Aims to Enter Indonesian Market

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October 23, 2014

GNum, a Singapore-based startup which enables users to make calls via URL link, has just become another foreign startup which gets mesmerized by the huge potential that Indonesian market has. In fact, the startup plans to make an expansion to Indonesia as part of its attempts to develop its business further after sealing a S$ 7 million (around Rp 66 billion) seed funding from Tembusu Partners.

According to Business Times (20/10), this subsidiary of GlobarRoam Pte Ltd has a noble vision to reach practically anyone by surpassing any technological and geographical matters. Today, GNum has enabled its users making phone calls from anywhere to anywhere for free by simply using URL links. This makes memorizing phone numbers activity becomes irrelevant, as users only have to click the “call handle” (that’s how the startup calls URL links) to get connected.

The calls can be made from desktop or mobile. In this regard, the links would directly refer to registered phone numbers, so users don’t have to input the numbers one by one. Users also aren’t required to download any app at all. They only need to share the GNum Handle link (@michael for example) on their social media, and others only have to click or tap the link to make a call.

The way of GNum communicates indeed may connect every single person in the world, as well as keep people’s phone numbers a secret. So far, GNum only allows free calls to and from Singaporean numbers.

This seed funding that GNum got is claimed to be the biggest for Singaporean startups in term of amount so far. Tembusu, which now holds 40% of GNum shares, even plans to expand GNum business by partnering with telcos in Singapore and other countries in Southeast Asia.

“We partner with telcos which may help us developing our monetization concept as well as sharing their revenue with other players in the industry. This strategy also aims to reach more users and provide us a stretch test,” Alexandre Yokoyama, GNum’s CEO, told ChannelNews Asia.

After sealing the seed funding, GNum plans to turn the money into researches and supporting technology which may help the startup expanding its business in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. GNum even targets the U.S., China, Hong Kong, India, and Australia.

[Header illustration: GNum]

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