Getting Re-Branded, Local Introduces LocalTalent

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October 23, 2014

It seems that the trend of re-branding in Indonesia’s startup scene won’t stop anytime soon. After a fleet of startups re-branded themselves (DapurMasak into Cookpad, Spavista into Revasi, CERI into RIRI, and iMoney into AturDuit), now it’s time for Local to re-brand itself and all its business units, including LocalBrand, LocalFest, and LocalTaste, as well as the new LocalTalent, which enables users to search for creative workers.

LocalTalent facilitates talent seekers to find best talents with competitive price. There are five types of creative jobs accommodated by this website: graphic designer, model, photographer, make-up artist, and stylist.

According to its developers, the website is specially designed to help talent seekers finding their desired creative talents. Further, LocalTalent guarantees that the talents it provides have good quality, and that the talents will get paid after the project is done.

Talent seekers may also look at the talents’ portfolio and hire them directly from the website. They only need to post the vacancy, along with a complete description of their name, e-mail address, phone number, and project description. As for the project rate, they have to directly ask the talents themselves.

“We have re-branded our logo, website, and company profile to make it more compatible with creative industry. This is to refresh our image as one of players who hold the backbone of Indonesia’s future,” Sayed Muhammad, Local’s CEO, stated in his press release.

He also added that Local will be more than capable in competing with other startups which have received various funding from both local and global investors. “We started it as a small startup, and we have succeeded in maintaining our growth rate ever since. Our revenue keeps growing up to 300 percent annually since 2011. For this 2014, we really hope that Local will receive even more, and we think that we have been in the right path to become the leader of creative platforms. We are currently looking for an investor who shares our vision in order to enhance our performance significantly,” he stated.

LocalTalent will definitely liven up the competition in Indonesia’s creative industry, after Creasi, which offers quite the same services, was introduced last September.

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