RRQ Ryu Announce Full Lineup for PMPL Indonesia Season 4

Kings of Kings are ready to take part in the upcoming PMPL Indonesia Season 4 with their new additions comprising of well-known names of the scene.

After releasing Muhammad Redian "Naider" Putrama this week to make room for the new recruits to the squad, Rex Regum Qeon finally revealed their complete PUBG Mobile roster for the upcoming PMPL Indonesia Season 4 on Thursday (12/8/21).

RRQ Ryu brought on the addition of three new players to the squad: Mort, Asaa, and Chuckles. Mort is most known for his time in Geek Fam ID (now known as Livescape) that won the previous season of PMPL Indonesia.

Asaa, a former Voin Victory 88 player, was one of the best performers in his previous team that placed 3rd in PMCO 2021. Chuckles, on the other hand, is a former Dranix Esports player and a PMCO finalist.

Aside from the new three signings, RRQ Ryu will retain Yoga "Nerpehko" Malik Rahman and Rahmat "VALDEMORT" Hidayat on the roster, bringing the roster to a five-man lineup.

RRQ Ryu's most recent outing came in March, when it competed in the PMPL Indonesia Season 3 League, finishing in 12th place.

"This time RRQ Ryu comes with three new members to complete the lineup and solidify the team's gameplay. Welcome to the family brothers, lets chase after greatness together in PMPL S4. Stay solid and good luck RRQ Ryu." the announcement reads.

RRQ Ryu has always remained among the upper-echelon of Indonesian PUBGM for a long time. It will, however, try its luck against the other teams this time around, especially in PMPL Indonesia Season 4, in which Genesis Dogma GIDS, BONAFIDE, Victim Sovers have confirmed their attendance.

RRQ Ryu has the following lineup for PMPL Indonesia Season 4: 

  • Nerpehko
  • Mort
  • Asaa
  • Chuckles