Room Booking Startup Airbnb Set To Enter Indonesian Market

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November 2, 2012

TheNextWeb recently reported that peer-to-peer home sharing startup Airbnb will soon expand its business to Indonesia. The plan was announced during its Australia office openings, stating that their expansion plan for Indonesia and Thailand will take place within weeks.

For now, if you visit Airbnb’s website, Indonesian visitors will be redirected to its .co.id website complete with Indonesian language support. In Indonesia, Airbnb hasn’t been gaining significant traction for common room-booking usage. In areas such as Bali, Airbnb has been popular amongst property owners but still insignificant.

The US-based company is currently sitting on the top spot for crowd-booking and travel industry, leaving all competition behind. The company spokesperson said that for the past year, Airbnb usage in the region has been growing incredibly fast, up to 4x.

Ideally speaking, I think Airbnb can help push Indonesia’s travel industry and we’re not just talking about Bali but all travel destinations across the country.

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