Quora Introduces Bahasa Indonesia Version to Improve The Community’s Knowledge

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June 5, 2018
Quora is launching in Bahasa Indonesia
Quora is launching in Bahasa Indonesia

Quora, the platform for information and knowledge sharing, is now officially supporting Bahasa Indonesia. In accessing the website from Indonesia, there will be options in Bahasa Indonesia. It becomes the first in Southeast Asia region.

Veni Johanna, Quora’s Engineering Manager, is assured, with Bahasa Indonesia support Indonesia’s users will have more contribution to knowledge and information distribution, particularly in the younger generation.

“Indonesia is one of the biggest markets that still have difficult access to information and knowledge. Given the big number of internet users active on social media in Indonesia,” she said.

In the launching on Wednesday (5/30) in Jakarta, she admits the additional language in its platform is in line with Quora mission to distribute and develop the good quality of knowledge worldwide.

In order to provide the qualified information, Quora emphasized the credibility value required by users, such as birth name, credential, and biography, also other links to another social media.

However, Quora focused on the politeness among users and its anonymity whether the question related to the sensitive issue.

In the same occasion, Budi Rahardjo as an expert, tech observer, and Quora user find out that Bahasa can encourage many students to have questions and give comprehensive answers.

“As an academic person using Quora, I find the intention and desire to be better by helping to answer the questions,” said the man which also an active blogger.

Meanwhile, Ivan Lanin as an activist of Bahasa Indonesia thinks that Quora has an additional point in the questions among users. In fact, the questions asked in Quora must be structured.

“In Quora, [writing] questions is no joke. It is the strong point of Quora. Therefore, the questions asked in Quora are sometimes appeared in Google search and facilitate users who have been looking for answers or information,” he said.

Quora was founded in 2009 by the former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Facebook, Adam D’Angelo. The company which based in Mountain View, California, has been supported in seven languages with more than 200 million unique visitors per month.

Combining technology and human to prevent hate speech

Quora has its own way to prevent hate speech distribution in its platform. By combining technology and community, Quora optimist to prevent the distribution of hate speech content.

“We combine machine learning and human to detect those content. It actually works, our machine learning can detect content which contains hate speech,” she said.

Nevertheless, if these kinds of content were found in Bahasa version, Quora will do the same thing. They will place the people who qualified in Bahasa to moderate content.

“We’re confident with the strong combination of technology and community, it can prevent the [existence] content.”

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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