PriceArea Develops Search Service Through Twitter

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April 14, 2011

PriceArea, search engine to find price list and specifications for various items added a new feature. According to their email newsletter and written on their Twitter account, PriceArea now presents you Twitter search. This is the second extra service released this year after they released News dan Deals feature this January.

It doesn’t take a complex syntax. Just tweet “@PriceArea #harga [brand/type]“. Later on PriceArea’s Twitter account will reply with the cheapest price they can get.

For example, I asked “@PriceArea #harga macbook pro 13 inch i5″, then PriceArea’s reply was “harga macbook pro 13 inch i5 termurah Rp. 11.999.000,-“ or the cheapest price for macbook pro 13 inch i5 is Rp 11.999.000” (details can be seen at http://www.pricearea.com/result/macbook+pro+13+inch“.

Quite interesting isn’t it? No need to spend time opening another tab on your browser to find information on an item. However, from several trials I found the fact that at least for now they do the searching manually, not through bot/engine. This can be seen from how the answer was tweeted via web. The downside of this method is the answer will not be available real time, it will take several minutes or even hours, depends on when the account’s admin check its mentions.

Actually this innovation is really great to interest users in trying out PriceArea’s Twitter search method. If they can come up with a bot that can handle the system, searching will be much more convenient. Every mention with given syntax, argument [brand/type] will be processed directly as search input, and the result will be tweeted automatically by the bot. I think if the development team study further on Twitter API, it will not be a difficult thing to do.

In the mean time there are bots like @begobet and @simsimi_id that make a good use of Twitter API to interact with Twitter users. I expect @PriceArea to be able to do so as well and provide optimal service. PriceArea is a goods and prices search engine which got funded by East Ventures med October last year. PriceArea aggregate information from several sources available online, both from authorized distributors or via e-commerce websites like Tokopedia, Krazy Market, Juale, TokoBagus, etc.

Translated by Nita Sellya.

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