Indonesian Music Streaming Service Ohdio Gets a Revamp and Mobile Access

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June 25, 2013

Streaming music service Ohdio has gone through a significant makeover of its services. The changes include a move from ohd.io to ohdio.fm (which reminds us of last.fm) a simplified new logo, a new look which focuses on hundreds of pre-loaded playlists and a mobile web version that actually works. Despite the many changes, Yoga Nandiwardhana as CEO and co-founder Ohdio maintains that the service remains the easiest way to listen to Indonesian music on the Internet.

The most obvious change is clearly the preference to use a preset playlist prepared by Ohdio’s team. Previously listeners were able to build their own playlists but that step has been set aside in favor of selecting from existing playlists. Ohdio’s playlists have been put together based on moods and titled accordingly to fit the mood of listeners at particular times during the day. You can also select playlists based on particular bands or singers.

While the previous iteration did not work on mobile, the new Ohdio works natively through mobile browser. Browsers that support javascript natively will have no problems accessing and playing back music on Ohdio and I had no issues using the service through Safari on iOS. We also heard word that there will be a native mobile app but it seems that the mobile web version is good enough for now.

The display of course follows a fresher interface design. There’s a number of Google Adsense advertisements placed within the website revealing Ohdio’s business model as far as impression and click-based ads are concerned, at least for now. it is for this reason that Ohdio will need to have so many more loyal listeners and visitors to support its operations. Ohdio was launched a year ago and received seed investment from East Ventures.

Of course, Ohdio’s catalog isn’t entirely complete but this service offers something different from overseas streaming services such as Deezer and Spotify. Ohdio understands the local music tastes far better because it’s made in Indonesia.


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