7 Infamous Myths Surrounding Gaming and Esports

Are female gamers really that rare? Are all gamers anti-social?

There are definitely a lot of myths surrounding the gaming community and the activity as a whole, most of them being widely inaccurate and misleading. Unfortunately, many gamers often also fall victim to these assumptions, which is why I think it is important to air out and debunk all of these gaming or esports myths.

1. There Are Only a Few Female Gamers

One of the well-known myths surrounding the gaming community is that most females do not play video games. Indeed, the majority of the gamer population are males. The truth is, however, female gamers are not really that rare after all. According to data from Niko Partners, the number of female gamers in Asia in 2017 reached 346 million, comprising 32% of the total gamer population in the region. Two years later, in 2019, the population of female gamers rose to 500 million, which is now 38% of the gamer population in Asia. Another data from Statista shows that, in 2017, 46% of all gamers are women.

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