mig33 Updates Its Android App

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April 29, 2011

mig33, the largest mobile-first community in the world, announced the update of their Android application. Version 2.0 was released on April 20, requires Android 2.1 and above. With 826KB in size, this Android application will certainly enable mig33 users to communicate easier with the community.

mig33’s latest Android version has the characteristics of simple design, visual user interface that is more diverse, convenience chat with friends and sending virtual gifts to other mig33 users with just one click.

mig33 has 47 million users around the world, where 27 million are in Indonesia. Steven Goh, co-founder and CEO of mig33, when asked to comment during GMIC event in China said, “Indonesia is a very important market for mig33 and we believe that our target audience is getting access to smartphones. We’re also betting quite big for Android in Indonesia, a few weeks ago I was surfing in Bali and I met this woman whose been a user of mig33 telling me that she and her relatives are very excited about getting an Android phone. I think this Android trend will continue to rise, especially in Indonesia.”

Mig33’s latest Android version – the first time since the launch of mig33 Android beta version in December 2010 – offers a number of improvements for users, including:

  1. Faster and easier conic designs
  2. “Active Chat” which can manage various chat in one view
  3. New content – without the need to upgrade mig33 application
  4. Pieces of running text to alert the user of new messages or notifications
  5. One button click to send gifts and other emoticons

Android, of course, is a vital platform for targeted because many analyst’s data indicate that they had the biggest growth in 2010 and is currently leading the market for smartphones. Kiki Rizki, Country Manager of mig33 Indonesia, added, “The launch of the latest mig33’s Android version is in line with our target to increase the number of users by 10% from 2010 and bring mig33 to become a mainstream brand by the end of 2011.”

Aside from the Android Market, Android users can download it via the link http://m.mig33.com.

Furthermore, mig33 also announced the development of migCredit as new revenue streams for its partners. Mig33 virtual economy, based on online purchases of migCredit anywhere or at some retail outlets in Indonesia, shows the number of virtual gifts purchased was more than 40 million during 2010, with average sales per month has doubled during the year.

Handset makers – where mig33 already in talks of cooperation – could do a pre-install mig33 Android or Java applications version, as well as generate revenue based on the migCredit consumption.

Last month, mig33 announced developer partnerships with Gree, the largest social network service provider in Japan, which suggests that developers of social applications in all over Asia and around can easily modify their application, and can reach hundreds of millions in the mobile-first country which are developing through mig33. In Indonesia, mig33 has been holding some of the largest telecom operators such as Indosat, Telkomsel and XL. Here are some screenshots of the latest version.

Translated by Nita Sellya

mig33-android mig33-ver2-1 mig33-ver2-2
mig33-ver2-3 mig33-ver2-4 mig33-ver2-5

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