M-Campus: A Collaboration of Sony Ericsson and Universitas Bunda Mulia

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August 9, 2011

The innovation made by Sony Ericsson and Universitas Bunda Mulia (UBM – Bunda Mulia University) is quite interesting. By bundling the phone with M-Campus app, they bring solution of academic system for UBM students that ran on top of Android. The bundled phone is Xperia X8 which is not that expensive. Sony Ericsson has prepared around 200 pcs of Xperia X8 as pilot project which already had M-Campus installed. These phones will be granted to freshmen, but the receptors are fully objected to UBM policy.

What is served by this M-Campus? According to Danny Johannes, Director of Marketing and Development UBM, as stated through Okezone [link in Indonesian], “The app can be utilized by UBM students to check their GPA, lecturer’s presences, lectures and exams schedules, and so on.”

Students also be able to check their own GPA and detailed mark per subject. Sony Ericsson guarantees the software security for this effort. Samudra Seto, Operating Relations & Marketing Patnerships Manager, Sony Ericsson, ensures there will be layers of security system for M-Campus. The actual system is going to be mirroring of actual data, it will not be directly connected with campus’ data center. To enter the system, login and password — which is restricted to the specific student — is required. From what I perceive, the M-Campus interface will have Sony Ericsson’s Android UI look and feel — known as Mediascape.

If succeeded, there will be space available to develop the similar thing for other schools or campuses. I think this collaboration will bring positive impact, where the potency in education is still widely opened. Mobile has proven to be the most effective media to serve the educational purposes. The opportunity is not only for vendors/manufacturers, but also for technology startups to provide the solution needed. Anyone dare to take initiative?

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