30 May 2022

by Glenn Kaonang

Lost in Jukiverse NFTs Sold Out in Minutes Amid the Bear Market

Lost in Jukiverse is one of many anticipated NFT projects from Indonesia that sold out during the continuing crypto market downturn

Launching a big NFT project during the bear market sounds like a rather risky move. However, that actually didn't stop some of the most anticipated NFT projects in Indonesia to arrive on schedule. Projects like Karafuru 3D, Mindblowon Universe, Irukandji, and most recently, Lost in Jukiverse, all were released amid the continuing crypto market downturn, and somehow all were sold out in a relatively short period.

For Lost in Jukiverse, the project had built up hype since March, and it finally went on a public sale on May 28 with a 0.09 ETH mint price. In just over half an hour, the official Twitter account for the Lost in Jukiverse NFT project announced that all 3,456 NFTs in the collection had already sold out. The project even got featured on OpenSea's trending category the following day.

Much of Lost in Jukiverse's successful launch came from the acclaimed brand of Si Juki itself. Even before entering the web3 revolution, Si Juki was already super popular in Indonesia, and the character even made cameos in other popular international IPs like Spongebob and Larva.

In January 2022, Si Juki's creator, Faza Meonk, decided to jump on the web3 bandwagon and released Jukiverse Genesis, an NFT collection of 110 Jukis cosplaying as important figures in pop culture. It sold out in less than 24 hours, with the floor price even reaching ten times the mint price during all-time high. According to the project blog post, that gave the team confidence to grow Jukiverse into an even bigger community. Hence, Lost in Jukiverse was born.

Many who purchased Lost in Jukiverse NFTs praised the smooth minting experience. Some were also surprised by how lowthe gas fees were during minting, especially for a project with this much anticipation. Holders are currently waiting for the big reveal of their NFTs, which is scheduled for June 2 in an event called the Jukiverse Exhibition. The event would be held both offline in Jakarta and online through Decentraland.

Other upcoming stuff in the roadmap for Lost in Jukiverse includes a holders-only Jukiverse figurine, a comic series with a "choose-your-own-adventure" mechanism for holders, and a video game with holders NFTs as the main character.