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January 27, 2009

We’re looking for an energetic blogger to cover developments in Linux.

Our site is a mainstream tech news site based in Australia, published by one of the country’s largest publishers. We have a worldwide audience.

Applicants can be based anywhere in the world.

We focus on news for regular PC users, not IT/business news. We also don’t target a hardcore Linux audience, but we aim for news that would have appeal to both new users and experienced users where possible. (For example, we’d be interested in stories as diverse as the improvements in a new release of Ubuntu to kernel-tweaking for better performance on the desktop.)

Applicants should have the following:

* Extensive knowledge of, and love for Linux.
* Strong involvement in the Linux community online (community sites, discussion boards, etc).
* Heaps of ideas about things that should be written about in relation to Linux
* Passion for the topic, with strong opinions (and the reasoning to back them up solidly with facts)
* Excellent writing skills — good grammar and spelling, and an understanding of writing punchily and concisely for web audiences.
* Enough time to write posts daily.
* Understanding of social media (ie Digg, Stumbleupon, Facebook, Twitter etc.)
* Knowledge of basic image optimisation — cropping, resizing, saving in web file formats, etc.

What we offer:

* Get paid to write about something you love.
* Exposure on a very high traffic tech news site
* Payment per post (no variable traffic-based payments from $0 upwards…! A flat rate of $US10 for posts of minimum length 300 words and at least one picture).
* Payment monthly direct to your bank account by EFT/wire transfer. We cover wire transfer and currency conversion charges.

How to apply

* Please provide an example of a post you would write for our website. (We will not publish this story without asking you and paying for it.)
* This post must be 100% original, written by you
* IMPORTANT: Please include the post within the body of e-mail, and not as an attachment (attachments WILL NOT be opened!)
* Explain why you want to write about Linux news.
* Let us know what Linux community sites you’re involved with and why you like them.
* Provide your name, address, cell/mobile phone number and email.
* REMINDER: no attachments please!!!

Email us at [email protected]

Rama Mamuaya

Founder, CEO, Writer, Admin, Designer, Coder, Webmaster, Sales, Business Development and Head Janitor of DailySocial.net.

Contact me : [email protected]

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