Kaskus Founder Releases Statement on Resignation of Forum Moderators

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May 7, 2011

Kaskus experienced a traffic spike, roughly 30 percent, in the last 24 hours due to the resignation of several moderators from the popular forum. The news had led to rampant speculations as to the nature of the resignations among members of the forum that Kaskus Founder and CTO Andrew Darwis was forced to release an official statement earlier today.

The major points of the statement are as follows:

  • Kaskus is having a 30 percent boost in traffic since yesterday
  • The administrators take this as a sign that there is still strong interest and concern in the forums by the members
  • Five moderators indeed resigned in the last 24 hours through private channels
  • There is no truth to the rumors that the moderators sought a reward or payment for their services nor that they were released or asked to step down
  • Kaskus regrets that the news had cause speculations as to the nature of the resignations and requests that members are not to believe such rumors

We sought further statements from Darwis but he declined, saying he had said what needed to be said on the matter. We are monitoring the situation and will report any information we could gather on this issue.

Disclosure: Kaskus and DailySocial both receive investments from the same company


  1. actually kaskus now has already generate huge income specially for Indonesian .. if there’s no win win solution .. and it will degrade some how

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