Indowebster is Aiming at Legal Content

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July 18, 2011

Indowebster known as the most popular providers of file storage in Indonesia will explore legal content to change the paradigm that has been attached. As talks between founder Indowebster, Juny “Acong” Maimun, and Vivanews, the first categories that will get a legal content is music and antivirus.

Later, for each musician, will be displayed two versions of the content, legal and illegal. Legal version is paid with good quality content, while the illegal version of course is not guaranteed the quality and authenticity. As for antivirus, Indowebster cooperate with Avira for antivirus subscription at an affordable price.

Acong, who previously was a hacker, theorized, “In the online world, the user should not be forced to buy. But how can they be willing to buy.” The provision of legal and illegal content simultaneously is unusual, but it can encourage users to slowly transform. In addition to content issues, Indowebster also relaunch its website since July 9 yesterday and planned to be full launch in August. You can access the new version of the site in http://v5.indowebster.com/.

I think many people on the Internet who feel that all content can be obtained for free, but the education is how to build an appreciation for intellectual property rights with personal awareness to pay for something that is worthy to be bought by users. I personally for example, already accustomed to appreciate some good work with developers by bought it because I think the work is worthy to be bought at a price that is displayed.

Currently Indowebster already have more than 1 million registered users with 60TB used capacity accommodated in 300 servers. Acong targeted the number will double within the next 1.5-2 years. File types that are accommodated in Indowebster vary from movies, music, photos, practically anything that can be downloaded and uploaded via the Internet. Until now Indowebster still claim 100% owned by Indonesia, despite many offers from foreign investment.

The thing that may still make Indowebster comfortable transforming slowly, rather than making rapid progress, is a regulation that is still gray and the less fierce association. In the United States itself, claims against providers of file-sharing services already consume a lot of “victims”. Call it the Napster and Limewire are both already forced to shut down. Even now there is an ongoing lawsuit against HotFile from Hollywood MPAA film association.

Things like this are like double edge sword. On the one hand, education of users is still very low, but on the other side of the government and associations [as copyright owners] do not seem to matter [in the positive sense] to promote awareness of intellectual property rights. Measures such as Indowebster service providers who started this educational initiative deserve our appreciation and support.

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