14 June 2022

by Glenn Kaonang

Indonesian NFT Studio RLVNT Art Labs Gears Up to Launch Its First Global Scale NFT Project, League of Guardians

RLVNT Art Labs is currently preparing to enter the marketing stage of League of Guardians, ahead of its planned launch schedule during summertime

The recent successes of NFT projects like Lost in Jukiverse, Karafuru 3D, and Mindblowon Universe are proofs that the NFT industry is still able to shine despite the global crypto market downturn. On that account, other NFT projects are decidedly looking to follow suit. One of them is an upcoming project called League of Guardians, which is planned to be launched sometime this summer.

Inspired by fantasy and sci-fi themes, League of Guardians will feature 9,999 generative NFTs based on 9 Guardian characters, each with their own distinctive traits such as abilities, faces, bodies, weapons, and accessories. Every Guardian also has its own alluring backstory, as portrayed on the project's official website. A quick skim of the character bios shows that they come from many different cultures, and some sneak peeks from the project's Twitter account depict them as anthropomorphic animals.

League of Guardians is the creation of a new Indonesia-based NFT studio, RLVNT Art Labs. Prior to announcing League of Guardians, the studio had managed to secure undisclosed pre-seed funding from several respectable investors, and the team had already worked on the production stage of the project for the last few months.

RLVNT Art Labs is currently preparing to raise seed funding with the hope of completing the project's roadmap, which includes marketing and building a larger community, securing strategic collaborations, and hiring more staff to fill some important and strategic positions. The studio is looking to raise $3 million to $5 million for the seed round.

It's certainly an ambitious goal, but RLVNT is also planning some bold moves for the project's continued development on a global scale.ย While the team hasn't given out any specifics yet, it does have plans to collaborate with emerging global artists on an extension of the project.

*Correction: Edited the last paragraph of the article as the information isn't yet finalized and still needs further confirmation. We apologize for the mistake.