19 May 2022

by Glenn Kaonang

Indonesian Acoustic Duo Endah N Rhesa Launches NFTs with Never-Before-Heard Songs

Each NFT consists of an animated version of Endah N Rhesa’s album cover, as well as a new song written specifically for each artwork

NFTs play many roles in our everyday lives. Some of us may see NFTs as mere investment assets, while some others believe that we have just barely scratched the surface of their true potential. One thing for sure, NFTs offer creators a whole new way to monetize directly with their fans, and in many cases, this might motivate creators to always come up with fresh ideas.

For musicians like Endah N Rhesa, NFTs provide the opportunity to offer something special to its most loyal fans. The Indonesian musical duo recently launched a collection of music NFTs on Objkt.com. It consists of four animated NFT artworks, each accompanied by a new, never-before-heard song playing in the background.

The artworks are essentially animated versions of the cover of Endah N Rhesa's albums that had been released previously — Nowhere To Go; Look What We've Found; Escape; and Regenerate — all of which were illustrated and animated by one of the members himself, Rhesa Aditya. However, rather than selecting one of the tracks inside each corresponding album to accompany the animated NFT artwork, the duo chose to write a new, 1-minute song that really complements each of the artworks.

While so far there is no utility aspect being offered by Endah N Rhesa through its music NFTs, the fact that the NFT collection consists of unheard songs may be of quite the interest for true fans of the husband-and-wife acoustic duo. As of now, the duo hasn't revealed further plans for its venture into the NFT ecosystem.

The NFT trend continues to grow in Indonesia, particularly within the music industry. In just the past week, we have seen some exciting development in the music NFT space that involves local artists. From the royalty-sharing music NFT platform Netra, to popular indie band Mocca debuting its music NFT collection, each plays a different role in delivering new experiences for music fans in the country.