Popular Indonesian Indie Band Mocca Launches Its First Music NFT Collection

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May 17, 2022

Judging from the ongoing trend, 2022 could very well be the year of music NFTs. More musicians have jumped on the NFT bandwagon recently, with The Chainsmokers being the latest example. It’s not only on international level, though, as the local music industry is also embracing NFTs one way or another.

Mocca, a long-running jazz and swing band from Bandung, recently launched its first music NFT. The band calls it “Mocca Music Card”, as it contains a card with pictures of the band members, as well as a clip of the song playing in the background.

There are two rarity levels available: Silver and Gold. The Silver one comes in four variants, each with a picture of each band member, while the Gold one shows the band in full. Holders of either version of the Mocca Music Card will receive the full song through airdrop, as well as a special pass to watch Mocca’s online concerts — which recently were held in the metaverse.

As expected, holders can get more benefit from the Gold version, but only after reaching a certain threshold. For example, collecting 5 Gold cards will give holders opportunity to receive a rare edition of an unlocked song through airdrop. And with 10 Gold cards, holders are entitled to exclusive merchandise from the band.

The first NFT song is “I Remember (Acapella Version)”. According to the band, the original version of this song was released in 2005 as a part of the soundtrack for the movie Catatan Akhir Sekolah, and the acapella version will surely bring nostalgia with a twist. Mocca’s music NFT collection is currently live on Objkt.com.

So far, Mocca already has plans to release more music cards in the future that include new releases, exclusive mixes, and the band’s own personal contents. While currently there is no future roadmap being shared, the official website for Mocca’s music NFT has already listed entries for the next four NFT songs that will be released from June to August.

Mocca’s attempt in launching an NFT collection further reflects the growing trend in the music NFT space, especially as artists look to sharing more than just their music creation with fans — some even wants to share royalties with their most loyal fans.

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