Elasitas and Agate Launched MiMo Machi

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June 28, 2011

There really aren’t many games that attract addiction on BlackBerry, especially by local developers. Now two local developers are striving to change that by launching MiMo Machi for BlackBerry. MiMo Machi was launched at CommunicAsia, in Singapore, last weekend. It took one year for Elasitas and Agate Studio to develop MiMo Machi, worked on Game Machi platform developed by Elasitas. At the moment MiMo Machi is only available for BlackBerry platform, with Java (mobile Edition) platform follow suit soon.

Later on, BlackBerry users can invite their friends and play it together. UsingOS6’s API, the invitation can be sent through BlackBerry Messenger. The changes in characters, like level up or adding weapons, can be shared through Facebook account. Calvin Kizana, CEO of Elasitas Technologies said, “Most mobile game available in the market are simple and individual. MiMo Machi is a simple game play, but with interesting plot, enough to make players curious and play it until the end. Other than that, MiMo Machi is a  mobile social game, where players can play and interact with their friends.”

Arief Widhiyasa, CEO Agate Studio said in his press release that, “This is a proud moment where we finally launch our first mobile social game together with Elasitas as the best partner. We expect there will be more people having fun playing MiMo Machi on their mobile phone. We are very proud and want to show that our work can be considered equal with foreign works. We wish to trigger Indonesian game developer’s spirit to immediately start creating something and to realize that game industry in Indonesia is growing fast.”

Regarding their collaboration with Bandung based Agate Studio, Calvin Kizana, CEO of Elasitas Technologies added, “We don’t want “almost as good as” or “could be good” product. We want a great product. And Agate Studio is one of the best game developers in Indonesia, and we respect them. MiMo Machi is the evidence of their mastership.”

The game play itself looks similar like Street Fighter. Two fighters fight on opposite side and who gets to finish its opponent’s energy is the winner. Several jargon are introduced like character race, equipment, magic and battle system, and this gets player the feeling of playing RPG game. You can download it for free at MiMo Machi. There are only (BlackBerry) Onyx or Gemini available at the moment, and there’s a possibility that you can play it on Bold or other Curve. Check below video for MiMo Machi promotion:

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