15 September 2020

by Akbar Priono

DG Esports is the Champion of Grand Final CODM Major Series Season 3

After defeating Bonafide 3-1 in the best-of-5 final match.

12-13 September 2020, the highest level competition for Call of Duty Mobile in Indonesia, COD Mobile Major Series Season 3, was complete. COD Major Series started from July 2020. This tournament began with a solo qualifier round, team qualifier round (17-23 August 2020), elimination round (26-29 August 2020), and ended with Playoff round on 31 August - 3 September 2020.

From July to September, qualifier rounds produce 6 best teams to fight on the Major Series Season 3. Those 6 teams are 4U Team, TEAM nxl, Kayze, Bonafide Esports, RIMO Sadewa, and Louvre Esports. There are also 2 invited teams, Bigetron Duty and DG Esports.

Fighting through a double-elimination bracket format, every team has to play in a best-of-3 game. The first day became the starting elimination point with Bigetron Duty, 4U Team, and TEAM nxl as casualties. On the second day, there are only two teams in the upper bracket, DG Esports and Bonafide Esports. Playing in Standoff map on Search and Destroy mode and in Nuketown on Hardpoint mode, DG Esports easily defeated their enemy 6-1 in the first game and 150-89 in the second. With that result, DG Esports secured the grand final.

In the lower bracket, RIMO Sadewa goes through their enemies quickly. They won 2-0 each against Louvre (2nd round) and Kayze (3rd round). They finally met Bonafide after being sent to the lower bracket by DG Esports.

A best-of-5 match between RIMO Sadewa and Bonafide was intense. Bonafide took the first win on Search and Destroy mode in Firing Range map. Then RIMO Sadewa paid back by winning the second game on Hardpoint in Summit map. They finally reached the game 5, in map Standoff. Sadly, in the last game, RIMO Sadewa seemed to lose its spirit. They lost 28-150 to Bonafide.

DG Esports was pretty confident in the grand final round. They won first 2 games in a row. However, Bonafide was able to steal a point when winning the third game. Game four, DG Esports struck hard by playing aggressively with the final score of 6-3.


Views Numbers on CODM Major Series Season 3 Grand Final

Call of Duty Mobile series ran at the same with other major tournaments, PMPL ID S2 and MPL ID S6. That's probably the reason why it didn't generate big views numbers. These are views numbers on the Grand Final COD Mobile Major Series Season 3.

Grand Final Day 1 (12 September 2020)

  • Total duration - 5 hours 42 minutes 24 seconds
  • Total views - 95.711 views

Grand Final Day 2 (13 September 2020) 

  • Total duration - 4 hours 30 minutes 45 seconds
  • Total views - 93.562 views

*data taken from Garena Call of Duty Mobile Indonesia  YouTube channel on 14 September 2020

Congrats to DG Esports on their winning on Call of Duty Mobile Major Series Season 3. Could they hold their title next season?

The original article is in Indonesian, translated by Yabes Elia.