2 June 2022

by Glenn Kaonang

Decentraland Launches New Feature Allowing Third-Party NFTs to Appear In-Universe

Interoperability between metaverses starts to come to fruition with the launch of Linked Wearables feature in Decentraland

One of the many promises of the metaverse is how it can connect many virtual worlds seamlessly through the use of NFTs. The idea is that by owning an NFT, you are entitled to bring it anywhere in the metaverse. This will create what the web3 community calls 'interoperability between metaverses', and it's actually no longer a theory waiting to be brought to fruition.

Recently, popular metaverse Decentraland launched Linked Wearables, a new feature that allows users to import their third-party NFT clothing into the Decentraland universe. It is essentially a feature that enables items to cross dimensions, and it's available for free to any creators out there.

According to Decentraland's official documentation, Linked Wearables are "3D representations of NFTs that originate from outside Decentraland that can be used as wearables in-world, can be equipped on the avatar, and are found in the backpack." Linked Wearables are not limited to 3D NFTs only, as Decentraland also allows creators to submit 3D versions of their 2D NFTs as well.

Once converted into Linked Wearables, said NFTs can be equipped by characters in Decentraland just like any other virtual apparel available to users, provided that the users own the NFTs in question. Linked Wearables work for any NFT project running on any blockchain. However, Decentraland said that there is no need to mint a new token, and since all Linked Wearables are just representations, they are not tradable in both primary and secondary markets.

But the best part is that creators don't need to pay anything to convert their NFTs into Linked Wearables. All costs, either for storage or curation, will be fully covered by the DAO that governs Decentraland. The goal is simply to encourage new communities to bring their NFTs to Decentraland. For creators, this also means that their NFT project will have a new out-of-the-box feature to offer.

The only requirement is to obtain approval from Decentraland DAO, meaning that creators must first submit a proposal, and if accepted, they can then proceed to map their external NFTs to Decentraland. There are already several submissions from creators, but only a few have been accepted so far.

Source: NFT Plazas.