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April 7, 2011

For those who follow the DailySocial Twitter account probably already knew that there are now DailySocial articles in the CHIP magazine. Yup, DailySocial cooperates with CHIP magazine to present some articles published in the monthly edition of CHIP magazine.

Starting with the April 2011 edition, there will be some articles about the world of technology development in Indonesia (local news), information about the startup as well as various news around the web or mobile-based services that published in DailySocial also will be published in the Indonesian edition of CHIP magazine.

DailySocial editorial team will be working with the editorial team of CHIP magazine to present some selected news for CHIP magazine readers. For the April 2011 edition, there are three local news that was published: about Amplop.in service, news about Zynga Game Cards and also news about the partnership of Kaskus and GDP Venture.

Of course, each team in the editorial of DailySocial and CHIP has their own capacity. So the news selected will be adjusted with their themes, references and editorial direction, but of course we will continue to provide useful information for our readers.

For us, this cooperation is a very delightful chance, not only for DailySocial progress but mostly for the development of the technology in Indonesia, especially for information about startup and web-based services or for mobile devices from local’s work.

Only the local news will be published in the CHIP magazine. Surely some writing themes will be chosen as the category fulfillment for the CHIP editorial. For myself, I hope the information about local news and technology services could get more readers. The printed version of information (not internet based) in Indonesia of course, still become the main choice. CHIP also surely has its own market share for their printed editions, which provides opportunities for local services or applications to be more popular in our own society. As well as providing options for them to use the service or application from Indonesia in accordance with their needs.

On the developer side, although it gives a small effect, hopefully this cooperation could give more encourage for local developers to make and give their best service for users, because now the channel for readers to get information about the services made is growing into the print media.

Do not forget to check out the April 2011 issue of CHIP Magazine, and wait for the print edition of DailySocial news in the next CHIP magazine. And if you have any information about technology in Indonesia or if you have a startup, you can inform various news by accessing the link at the top right of the DailySocial site.

Disclosure: DailySocial and CHIP have a bond of cooperation to bring information from the DailySocial site to CHIP magazine.

Translated by Nita Sellya.

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