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June 27, 2011

At the end of the week, DailySocial editorial team will compile startups development and tech scene in Indonesia and the world in general that went by. Several links and short news went to Dailylicious while other themes went to DailySocial. Here’s what happened last week.

Lots of articles and information regarding startup-investor both in Dailylicious or DailySocial. But first, there’s an interesting article we shared in Dailylicious wrote by Niall Kennedy, Hat Trick Media’s consultant, specializing in applying techniques for business in web development, he wrote an article on how a website should react over modern browser’s development, “a new prerender behaviour”, you can see it here.

Still at the same day, there is an interesting article intended for startup, basically this article bring up 6 questions which startup can’t answered and rejected by the VC, this article was written by Keet Van Zyl, an investor for early-stage business. Some of it include a question about business description in a simple way, explaining where to gain income and target market. To read the full article, you can visit this link.

Beside that, there are few related articles that we wrote in DailySocial, such as a review from Echelon 2011 featuring panelists of investor who discuss their point of view in searching for an investment. For more details, visit this link.

On Tuesday, we found an interisting slide from Tara Hunt, contain 68 slides, yup, that’s plenty, but just like a long process of hard working startup, the slides will show you some interesting points, such as the startup myth and the reality that later or currently faced by startup. It’s long but worth a read to the end.

As a complement, an article in DailySocial also posed a question for the students and the general public about whether to establish – working at startup or working in large companies. Articles can be read here.

Then there is a short video on the implementation of NCF in the Nokia phone C7 that has been upgraded with the latest Symbian, Anna. This short video demonstrates NFC facility for a game by Rovio – Bounce Boing Battle. NFC makes it easy for a game that can be played by two people.

Furthermore there is an interesting criticism made by Joe Stump, CTO and co-founder of SimpleGeo. He wrote a response to rumors that Yahoo! seeking a new CEO, Joe said the things he would do if he became CEO of the new Yahoo!, essentially recruiting the best talent and let them innovate, other ‘crazy things’ he will do is buying Instagram, Twitter, Square, Path and NYT. But behind his ‘crazy idea’, he explained that the idea of purchasing a variety of services is to attract people behind their technology and put it into Yahoo! is intended as a critique for the lack of innovation at Yahoo!, especially after the two ‘good’ products they bought, Flickr and Delicious (already sold to the duo founder of YouTube). Link for the article can be seen from here.

Last but not least, a global map of social networks in 2011, this map displays the number of people in social networks with additional info about the three different behaviors, send messages and emails, share content and join or create groups. As predicted, Indonesia is on the top 3 in terms of the highest penetration of social networking users, to be exact, Indonesia is in the second position after the Philippines and over Malaysia, the number of active users in the social network on the internet is 18.93 million. This data is also useful to study the social network users behavior using the internet in their social lives. Map data is provided by GlobalWebIndex, links can be found here.

In addition there are some interesting articles that may be missed by DailySocial readers, wrote by us here in DailySocial, especially about the problems in the world of e-commerce in Indonesia and the government began to enforce the law of non-bank money transfers, the article which highlights the behavior of mobile users in Indonesia, payed iPhone application development opportunities that have a high market in Indonesia, also an article of what university can do to take part in innovation.

Please refer to each link to get complete information and wait for the latest news, information and interesting articles from DailySocial and of course, Dailylicious.

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