4 September 2020

by Narendra Soejoedi

Bigetron Esports Adds Another Twin to Its Rosters, Max and Matt

Matt dan Maxx become the second twins playing under Bigetron.

A while ago, Bigetron Esports introduced their new player, Maxx, in a video. Cited from their social media, Maxwell "Maxx" Asessandro was brought to their Mobile Legends team, Bigetron Bravo, which competing in MDL Season 2.

Previously, Matt, the twin brother of Max, has been playing for Bigetron Bravo. With Maxx joining the team, they hope to gain better performance until the end of MDL.

BTR MATT | via: mdl.indonesia

So far, Bigetron Bravo achievement in MDL isn't satisfying. Up to the third week, Bigetron Bravo is sitting in the middle of standings after getting two losses.

With Maxx and Matt, Indonesian esports has another twin playing in the same team. It means that Bigetron being the team with most twins in Indonesia. This is an interesting phenomenon.

BTR Maxx | via: Bigetron Esports

Before Matt and Maxx, there is a legendary twin and world champion on esports PUBG Mobile, Made "Zuxxy" Bagas and Made "Luxxy" Bagus. This twin has good synergy in building Bigetron Red Aliens.

Building chemistry in a team isn't easy. Besides verbal communication, an esports team has to create chemistry among its players. Blood relation (brothers) could be a way to increase this chemistry building. Combined with skills and teamwork,  chemistry could highly increase the chance to win every match.

The original article is in Indonesian, translated by Yabes Elia