30 May 2022

by Glenn Kaonang

Aurory Game Shows NFTs Are More Than Just JPEGs

Through a recent update, Aurory is letting its players navigate the game world using their Aurorian NFTs

NFTs are more than just JPEGs. While skeptics continue to say that you can just right-click and save the image of an NFT, games like Aurory are showing that we have a lot more to do with an NFT than that. Through a recent update, Aurory is now letting players navigate the game world using their Aurorian NFTs.

For those unfamiliar, Aurory is a blockchain-based game with play-and-earn mechanisms. It launched back in December 2021, and has since taken the Solana community by storm with its quality of execution. The development team is composed of individuals with long experience in the gaming industry, with some coming from reputable studios like EA and Ubisoft.

Aurory's gameplay seems to be taking inspiration from titles like Pokémon and fellow blockchain game Axie Infinity. It's a JRPG with a turn-based combat system and virtual pets named Nefties taking place in battles instead of Pokémons or Axies. Each Nefty is a tradable NFT asset, except for the free ones given to players to help them get started since the game is free-to-play.

Aurory also has another set of NFTs called the Aurorians. These come in the style of your typical PFP NFT projects, with a total of 10,000 unique characters. What makes them unique is that they can now be brought to life in Aurory's game world, the Nexus. Previously, players will default to exploring the Nexus as Sam and Helios, the default Aurorian and Nefty.

In a relatively short time, Aurory's development team has been making very steady and visible progress for the game. Most recently, Aurory has reached yet another big milestone with the launch of its PvP mode, albeit still in closed alpha. Many have also likened Aurory's success during the recent crypto market downturn to Axie Infinity's rise in popularity during 2018's bear market.

If anything, Aurory's quality gameplay and deep economic mechanics have made it a force to be reckoned with in the ever-growing blockchain gaming space. It shows that NFTs can indeed bring extra value to video games, while also creating value in and of themselves.

Source: NFT Plazas.