Yogrt Lets Users Playing Games while Finding New Friends

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October 30, 2014

There are various mobile apps available nowadays, from social media, messenger, to mobile games, you name it. While each and every type of those apps has its own functions and uniqueness, what will happen if we combine three different types into one single app? Well, maybe you should try Yogrt to find out.

Basically, this app helps users finding new friends through a unique method and fun activities. This app, which is developed by Kongko Digital, is indeed not your everyday social media, even though its main function is similar to dating apps like Tinder. However, unlike any other dating apps which pair people by their photos and profiles, Yogrt offers a series of fun and interactive games to let users matching their own personal interests to others.

In case users don’t want to be bothered by creating a new profile, they may sign in using their Facebook profile. After successfully getting registered, they will then be brought to see other users’ profiles and start interacting. Interestingly, Yogrt didn’t filter out certain gender from the search results. This may be taken as a decision to avoid people’s misconception saying that Yogrt is a dating app, although the filtering system may be set later on.

To enhance the users’ experience, Yogrt enables users to recognize other’s location via GPS. Using the feature is really easy. Users only need to access the menu on the upper right or swipe their screen to the left to change the categories, which ranges from ‘nearest’ to ‘most viewed’, ‘most liked’, and ‘most active’.

As I told you earlier, Yogrt also provides fun and interactive games. To access them, users only need to click the controller icon to start challenging other users. Or, to make easier, they only need to tap on the user’s photo to see more details about him/her. To test their likelihood, they only to tap on the ‘like’ button or challenge him/her in a game.

There are at least four games available: Match 7 Yes/No, Match 7 Pick One, Riddles, and Guessing Words. In Match 7, users will be provided seven sets of yes or no answers. If both users match each other, they may then continue their interaction by accessing the chatting feature. In Riddles and Guessing Words, users are allowed to create their own questions, answers, and clues, while in the Match 7 series, users randomly use questions provided by Yogrt.

To attract more users, Yogrt has prepared a set of achievements that are awarded should users reach certain milestones. For instance, they will get the ‘Photogenic’ badge once they have uploaded ten profile pictures.

Despite the fact that Yogrt’s concept isn’t something new, its courage to attach interactive games to its platform still becomes a decisive point that may bring Yogrt to the top, not to mention that the platform gets backed up by well technical supports.

To try Yogrt, you may download it here.

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