Telunjuk Update: Website Renewal, Mobile Version and Query through Twitter

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June 7, 2011

We haven’t talk about Telunjuk for quite sometimes and they seemed to have made some renewal to maintain their website as competitive price reference. Still using simplicity theme, Telunjuk now provides a more accurate searching.

Complaints on Garuda Indonesia’s flight search were noticed and the system seemed to be getting better (although unfortunately not always appear on all search results) and query time is quite fast. Other than that Telujuk is now experimenting by supporting return route and abroad route. For notebook and cell phone segmentation, I don’t think there are any significant changes.

Next, let’s talk about mobile looks. This is interesting because I’m sure price comparing website will be more useful when accessed through cell phone. Generally speaking, it doesn’t look different than its web version, well aimed as usual and gives more comfort when accessing it. The creator didn’t intend it to be fancy, so don’t expect Telunjuk will look as fancy as Sparkbuy, for example, in the near future.

The last one is a more interesting experiment. Telunjuk serves query using Twitter account for flight information. All you need to do is ask @jaritelunjuk using the correct format, and you’ll get your answer fast. For example if you want to ask Jakarta-Surabaya route on June 27, 2011, you can use this formatting on Twitter: “@jaritelunjuk jakarta surabaya 27/6/2011” or several other variation like mentioned on the guideline.

Unlike manual query used by PriceArea, looks like Telunjuk does it one step ahead, using Twitter API so that Twitter user can communicate with Telunjuk’s searching and comparing engine. One thing for sure, you have to use the correct format to get your answer.

As for me, although Telunjuk provides plenty of search categories, I still like using the specific one. Ones again, use Telunjuk for its function. If there’s any UI/UX designers out there who’d like to help people behind Telunjuk to create a more interesting look, it will be most welcome. Mean will, let’s just use it for what it is and share your experience with us.

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