Two Additional Partners for Financial Consultants in NgaturDuit.com

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May 20, 2011

As featured in DailySocial, NgaturDuit, a service for financial record, plan, and manage announced their collaboration with additional financial consultant groups and now the groups’ logos have appeared in NgaturDuit.com. So, now other than their main partner Akbar’s Financial Check-up (AFC) they are also supported by 2 new partners, Finansia Consulting and Tatadana.

DailySocial tried to contact Api Perdana from NgaturDuit to find out about their strategy on this, including several new developments from their service. Perdana explained that AFC is their main partner and the collaboration with the new two partners is based on discussion with AFC.

NgaturDuit believes that by collaborating with the new partners, they will be able to provide a much better service to their users, because each consultant have their own specialty and specification. Each of them can provide suggestions on various features that will be an added value for NgaturDuit.

Api Perdana also explained that, “Financial planner group’s main asset is their knowledge and experience so we expect that they can help improving NgaturDuit’s service. They can help fine tuning available features or even add new features.”

For feature development, NgaturDuit gets a lot of feedback from users and their financial consultant groups (their partners), one of the advantages they get from collaborating with partners who have their own specification.

These inputs are used to add and improve facilities they have, among others are print out report, credit card, fast transaction, etc. A service focusing on consumers do need maximum process in accommodating what their consumers want, process them, and decide whether it can be fulfilled, postponed, or develop other service. At the moment NgaturDuit has over 12.000 users, 6-7 thousands user more than last month. They are targeting to get 50 thousand users.

NgaturDuit’s monetizing strategy is by aiming at companies (B2B), for general consumers they are focusing on education like their mission to educate and free people from financial illiteracy and educate people by providing free service. For B2B segment, NgaturDuit is starting to get attention from several corporate, but NgaturDuit is still being selective.

One of the presentations I saw when they pitch at Echelon – Indonesia Satellite show their monetizing strategy. Quite interesting, even though they will have to find the way how to survive considering they are providing free service. Regardless, B2B market is tend to be more secure, if they can set a deal it will provide more sustainability. Although it can’t be implemented to all service, but for financial service such as NgaturDuit, B2B option is quite promising. They only need to work on the execution and service offers, which need to be wrapped as interesting as possible, full set and with added values.

NgaturDuit also is preparing other features, it’s ready but still in trial. DailySocial will try this feature once it is released.

Translated by Nita Sellya.

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