28 August 2015

by Prayogo Ryza

The Rise of Virtual Assistant Business

Simplicity is something commonly offered by technology, and one of services which will potentially become a trend is virtual assistant-based product. There are currently some virtual assistants released, such as Be Malas in Malaysia, YesBoss in Indonesia, and the latest Sribu’s DiANA. Such virtual assistant business exploits simplicity and uses it as its business core.

In short, it lets people using their virtual assistant to do anything. This trend can actually be predicted way back when people started turning their attention (and interests) toward tech or app-based services. By holding simplicity as their main theme, those apps and tech-based services indeed enjoy their big time serving the people.

This is practically what virtual assistant developers see. People’s tendency of getting everything they want at ease will surely make the presence of these virtual assistants highly worthy. YesBoss’ phenomenon is an example to that. YesBoss’ Global Managing Director Irzan Raditya even once claimed that his team had received so many demands that it’s even beyond their expectation.

Having said that, it seems that virtual assistant-based businesses will be the new trend, sooner or later. After YesBoss showing magnificent growth, Sribu finally launched DiANA with an expectation to capture the same fame.

The newly introduced service offers virtual assistants that ride on web technology. While YesBoss users may order anything via SMS, DiANA users can ask for anything by posting on DiANA’s official website.

I personally am still waiting for a virtual assistant that utilizes the machine learning technology and NLP to run its operations, just like what beritagar.id does. The technology may add more privacy to users while optimizing the virtual assistant’s recommendation.

Nowadays, simplicity is something valuable and a virtual assistant is one of the best tokens of simplicity there is, so it’s best not to take our eyes away from the competition.