Street Fighter: Duel, a Street Fighter RPG for Mobile, Will be Released Globally

Previously, the game was released only in China.

As far as I know, currently, there is only one Street Fighter game on mobile (Android and iOS), Street Fighter IV CE. If you have tried playing a fighting game on mobile, you will know that it's a torment. However, big fans of Street Fighter, you may get a more suitable Street Fighter game for the mobile platform in the future.

There is actually another Street Fighter game on mobile, Street Fighter: Duel, but that game is only available for the Chinese market. Yet, during the Capcom Pro Tour for North America East region, it was announced that Street Fighter Duel will get an English release for the global market.

In case you haven't seen the gameplay video, you can check out the video below.

As you can see, the gameplay is a bit similar to Mobile Legends Adventure, One Piece Treasure Cruise, Seven Knights, or many other RPGs on mobile. You have to build your team with characters from the Street Fighter series, and executing special moves is as easy as touching one simple button.

Like many other mobile RPGs, it seems you need to grind collecting characters and parts to upgrade your team. Still, if you ask me, I prefer this kind of game rather than a fighting game on my phone...

Street Fighter: Duel was released in China in November. TOPJOY, Tencent Games, and CAPCOM collaborate to create this game. Currently, there are more than 30 playable characters from the Street Fighter universe with their iconic moves. Sadly, there is no release date on this game.

On another note, speaking of Tencent, the Chinese tech giant just acquires a British video game developer, Sumo.