Stamps Presents Another Loyalty Program

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October 28, 2014

Everyone is unique. Someone might love to try a new restaurant, while others would prefer finding new holiday spots. Nevertheless,  if you who are quite loyal to certain places or location, then Stamps is the right app for you. This is particularly because it rewards loyal customers, like you, online.

Furthermore, Stamps gives users 1 point for every Rp 10 thousands transaction that they make at one of its partners ever since it was established last year. Users may then exchange the points they have with special deals or discounts. This may lead customers to come back for more. The cheap and easy exchanging process (only Rp 10 thousands for each point) also serves as a good attraction for customers.

To get the point, users only have to come and transact at one of Stamp’s partners. While transacting there, they need to tell their e-mail address, and the vendor will send their points via e-mail. Once they have collected enough points, they may show the e-mails they receive and exchange their points with attractive rewards.

The good thing is, you don’t need to register to enjoy Stamp’s services, although the registered ones will be able to look at their collected points and exchange them with various rewards directly through the app, which is available for iOS. The app is also very simple and has no significant difference with its web version.

To support its services, Stamps partners with Quinos, a point-of-sales service provider. So far, there are more than 30 partnerships which have been sealed by Stamps, including a number of startups like Klik-eat and Gogonesia.

Given the fact that a number of loyalty programs have failed before, will Stamps be able to survive?

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