11 May 2022

by Glenn Kaonang

Popular Indonesian NFT Project Karafuru Readies Its Next Metaverse-Ready Collection

Karafuru 3D is a collaboration project between the Karafuru team, Hypebeast, and Atmos

With so many talented artists and creators, Indonesia is home to many exciting NFT projects. One that certainly took the Indonesian NFT community by storm is Karafuru, a collaboration between Museum of Toys and a renowned local NFT artist, @WD_Willy. The project has gained much traction since being launched in early 2022, and it plans to draw even more attention with the launch of its upcoming project: Karafuru 3D.

Karafuru 3D is a joint effort between Karafuru, Hypebeast, and Atmos. According to the team, this new NFT project has big ambitions to take the Karafuru brand beyond its digital identity, with the goal of becoming a lifestyle brand that is easily recognizable. The website for Karafuru 3D has just gone live, and it outlines some of the details about the project.

Karafuru 3D NFT collection consists of 15,555 3D avatars, with 5,555 being reserved for holders of Karafuru's Genesis Collection. These avatars are dubbed metaverse-ready as the Karafuru team has already owned plots of land in existing metaverses, including the Sandbox, the Worldwide Webb, and the Ape Land.

Utility-wise, holders of Karafuru 3D are promised to be eligible to buy exclusive real-life merchandise co-produced by Karafuru, Hypebeast, and Atmos, not to mention access to other unique experiences that are planned for the future.

Members of the community that have already invested in the Karafuru ecosystem are no strangers to these types of utility, as previously they already had the opportunity to attend the Karafuru Carnival event while enjoying some benefits, such as free vouchers and chances to get exclusive merch.

Another unique benefit offered is access to a real toy collectible by pairing the Karafuru 3D NFT and Genesis Karafuru NFT. Previously, the Karafuru team also mentioned that holders of Karafuru 3D are entitled to a royalty from Karafuru if it ends up using any of the holders' token for commercial purposes.

As of this writing, sadly there is still no specific date for when the public sale of Karafuru 3D NFT project will be available. For anyone interested, they can always follow the updates on Karafuru's official Twitter account.

Update: According to official information from the Karafuru team, a fair Dutch auction for Karafuru 3D NFT collection will be held on May 17 at 2:00 PM UTC, followed by a private sale on May 18 at 2:00 AM UTC, and lastly, if there are leftovers, a public sale on May 18 at 2:00 PM UTC.