PegangSiapa Wants To Know Who Are You Rooting For

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November 3, 2011

No, this is not another soccer gambling site. Although the name strongly suggests it. The name “PegangSiapa” is from Indonesian phrase that basically asks who are you rooting for, widely used for games/competition and in this case it’s all about sports.

PegangSiapa.com run by SalingSilang, a social media company based in Jakarta which currently have more than 15 vertical sites under their hood. On top of the that layer of vertical sites, an analytics engine – Salingsilang.com – that measures digital trends based on the things happening on their website network.

One of the reason PegangSiapa exists is because the obvious conversation between soccer fans every weekend (soccer night), it’s a never-ending topic routinely happening following a soccer match. SalingSilang see this as something that can be used to capture digital trends on this specific vertical.

And as you might guess, you can actually enter your score prediction for a specific upcoming match, and you can also choose between several popular soccer leagues. You can also share your predictions to your social media accounts (by that I mean Facebook and Twitter). You can also comment on the thread of upcoming match to interact with fellow users about specific match (this should be fun).

And just like every site in Indonesia, a mobile version is a must and PegangSiapa also provide a mobile version of the service built for smaller screen including smartphones and also tablet computers.

You like soccer? Try PegangSiapa and let us know what you think via comments below.

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