Nusaresearch Noted that BlackBerry and Nokia Are no Longer Indonesians’ Favorites

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November 14, 2014

Nusaresearch conducted a survey to 1115 respondents aged below 30 y.o to determine their preferred smartphone brands. While Samsung remained on the top, BlackBerry and Nokia are no longer regarded as favorites, being replaced by Sony and Oppo’s growing popularity.

According to the survey, Samsung dominated the smartphone vendors’ brand awareness and marketshare in Indonesia. In fact, Samsung was the first brand being thought by the respondents, with 52,9% of them did so, followed by BlackBerry, Nokia, Sony, and iPhone with 10%; 7,4%; 5,8%; and 5,1% respectively. Despite the fact that the popularity of Nokia and BlackBerry are declining, their past glory has indirectly affected their current brand awareness.

In regard to the marketshare, Samsung, BlackBerry, and Lenovo were the top three. Samsung dominated with 40,9%, followed by BlackBerry with 9,6% and Lenovo with 7,5%. Sony and Nokia completed the big five. The local brands which got included into the list were Smartfren, Advan, and Evercoss.

While BlackBerry and Nokia are still considerably popular among the people, it’s almost undeniable that both won’t be people’s first choice in the future. From 60% of respondents who wanted to change their smartphones, BlackBerry and Nokia weren’t included in the top three. Nokia was only opted by 7,6% of respondents, while BlackBerry was chosen by less than 5% of them. In contrast, 40% of them wanted to switch their mobiles to Samsung, followed by Sony, Oppo, and Lenovo.

On the contrary, the number of respondents wanting to switch from BlackBerry and Nokia was quite high. Only Samsung, Sony, and Oppo that noted a positive remark in this category.

The survey emphasized that BlackBerry and Nokia are no longer Indonesian people’s favorites, although both dominated the market years ago. According to IDC, BlackBerry’s marketshare, which once reached 43% back in 2011, now only reaches 3%. In fact, during this year, only 305 units of BlackBerry have been sold so far.

That being said, Samsung should be really careful in maintaining its domination in Indonesian market, especially after learning the fact that the survey also included Xiaomi’s vast growth along.

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