NgaturDuit Add Features and Will Establish Cooperation with Two Additional Financial Consultants

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April 28, 2011

DailySocial has discussed several times about financial regulatory services in a last few weeks, including one of which is  NgaturDuit.com. The latest news from this service is the changes in their latest version and progress of a complete consultation feature and provide a list of recommended mutual funds.

Now NgaturDuit comes back with the latest development. NgaturDuit which now has worked with financial planners Akbar’s Financial Check Up (AFC) will cooperate with other financial consultants as a strategy to support the services they have created. NgaturDuit will also be pitching at the Echelon event – Indonesia Satellite next Friday.

Api Perdana, from NgaturDuit explained that their main partners remain AFC and NgaturDuit will add two medium-sized groups of financial consultants who will work with their financial planning services. This cooperation will not interfere the partnership with the AFC, even NgatutDuit plans to collaborate with other financial consultants in the future.

This new partnership with two groups of financial consultants is not yet officially released, so the names of the financial consultants cannot be discussed in public yet. Their logo will also appear on the site NgaturDuit.com later. Also described by Api Perdana, this cooperation is expected to help boosting NgaturDuit users who are now almost reached 10.000 users.

This additional cooperation could be a right strategy option, as I often mentioned in the article about the financial regulatory services. Besides the additional users surely the financial consulting group member must trust their institutions or respective groups, so when NgaturDuit can cooperate with these agencies, there is an opportunity to achieve customer loyalty. We should wait for the financial consultants which will work with NgaturDuit.

In addition to the cooperation plan with two new financial consultants, NgaturDuit also added some extra features in their services, such as Fast Transactions that allows users to enter financial transactions info without having to go into the menu or clicking on menu options. This feature instantly appears when we login, users can directly write down the financial transactions and manage the transaction name, amount, category or postal account.

Furthermore, NgaturDuit also now have completed their investment facility with graphic display, so users can see the movement of mutual funds that are equipped with the graph. One feature that was released along with the latest versions of their services, Mutual Funds also get a pretty good reception from users. The users of NgaturDuit find it helpful that the information that comes with top 40 mutual funds chosen from the AFC. This information at least helps the user as a reference for their portfolio. NgaturDuit will also complement this facility by adding a stock movement data.

NgaturDuit service development is also now more directed at the vertical development. They are trying to improve the quality by improving the service based on feedback from users.

In addition to several developments above, it seems that NgaturDuit also have to prepare special applications for mobile devices, not just mobile site.

Like the suggestions from the questions on the Consultation features that I proposed, that one of the suggestions is to make the financial records can be a routine activity is the speed record and no delay when the financial transaction occurred. One of the tips given in NgaturDuit when a transaction takes place and not in front of the laptop / computer is using the memo facility on mobile phones, which will certainly better if users can directly record the transaction in NgaturDuit mobile applications.

Translated by Nita Sellya.

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