MMORPG isn't Dead? New World Beta Reaches 190k Concurrent Players

However, it also comes with a weird problem.

Amazon's new MMORPG, New World, starts its closed beta phase on July 20. Apparently, it attracts so many players around the world. New World peaked at 190,811 concurrent players on Steam within 24 hours after launch, according to SteamDB. That number made it into the top 4 of biggest Steam games, ahead of GTA 5 and Apex Legends. Compared to the recently released Sword of Legend Online, the game only managed to get 18k concurrent players.

On the other side, the game is also popular on Twitch. New World gained over 600k viewers, above GTA V and CoD: Warzone.

However, its popularity also causes its server overwhelmed. There are also some other issues, such as bugs with text-to-speech, accidental bans, and challenges with the Inkwell quest.

"We are reconfiguring as quickly as possible to deal with these issues until it works properly for you. We've received a very enthusiastic response, filling our servers to capacity! We want our servers to be full but we also want to make sure everyone can login and play quickly." Said Amazon Games on Twitter.

On the weirder note, there are also some reports that the game is killing RTX 3090s. The information first came from the New World subreddit when a user, greyone78, posted about his bricked RTX 3090. Some people on Twitter are reporting the same problem.

Customer service from New World acknowledged the issue and provided a workaround on its official forum. They believe the problem is related to driver setting and frame rate limiters. Therefore, they are suggesting the players cap their FPS when playing the game.

The New World closed beta will end on August 2, and the game will be fully launched on August 31. If you are interested to try it for yourself, you could pre-order the game or sign up as a tester. Just, keep in mind to cap your framerate...