NaoBun Project Receives Seed Funding From DNC

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October 22, 2018
NaoBun Project will use the seed funding from DNC for business expansion and collaboration with more creators
NaoBun Project will use the seed funding from DNC for business expansion and collaboration with more creators

NaoBun Project, an intellectual property management agency, announced it has received seed funding from Discovery Nusantara Capital (DNC). Funding will be used to collaborate with many creators and develop derivative product lines of their business.

Naobun Project was founded by Bonni Rambatan and Naomi Saddhadhika in May 2016. Its mission is to spread positive messages such as diversity, tolerance and gender equity through pop-culture products. Currently, Naobun Project manages almost forty intellectual property and represents more than twenty creators all around Indonesia and abroad.

“NaoBun Project held a very strong business vision and social mission. We expect this investment will not only create a stronger ecosystem of Indonesia’s creative industry but also help to spread positive messages to the community, especially the younger generation of comic strips, films, music, video games and various other media,” Irene Umar, DNC’s Managing Director, said.

Since the beginning, Naobun Project has collaborated with creators having the same mission. As the manager of the intellectual property, Naobun Project attempt to make a contribution in making Indonesia’s creative industry ecosystem stronger. It’s because of many creative industry players forgot the management aspects. such as legal protection and derivative product planning. In fact, those two ensure the fulfillment of creator’s rights and capable to maintain its products.

Naobun Project, with this funding, has planned collaborations with more creators, acquire new intellectual property, develop derivative products of their business, and explore various creative media such as game and VR (virtual reality). Naobun Project also plans to expand partnership network in academic scope with schools in all over Indonesia.

“We’ll prove the social mission will not limit our work’s appeal. On the contrary, in the current social status, we do believe the positive message we convey is what Indonesia’s people needed right now,” Bonni Rambatan, Naobun Project’s CEO, explained.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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