9 June 2022

by Glenn Kaonang

Looney Tunes is Officially Coming to the World of NFTs, Starting with Tweety

Titled “Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block?”, the collection will feature Looney Tunes characters in various appearances, as well as a new exclusive storyline

Popular NFTs like Bored Ape and CryptoPunks are quickly becoming new cultural icons. That may or may not disrupt the peace that existing pop culture icons are enjoying, but apparently some have decided to respond, including Looney Tunes. This band of lovable and mischievous cartoon characters is readying itself to enter the NFT realm through a collection titled "Looney Tunes: What's Up Block?" — a creative play on Bugs Bunny's infamous catchphrase.

A collaboration project between Warner Bros. and NFT marketplace Nifty's, What's Up Block isn't your usual PFP NFT collection, even though it may seem to be the case at first glance. It's described as a story-driven NFT experience that goes beyond collecting NFTs. And to accomplish that, Warner Bros. has created a new storyline for the project that will unfold over the course of multiple years, exclusively for members of this new Looney Tunes NFT community.

That is essentially a fancy way to say that these Looney Tunes NFTs will not only offer standard utilities for holders. Although these utilities may actually entice true Looney Tunes aficionados as they will include, among others, exclusive never-before-seen content, special access and offers to merchandise and experiences, and new NFT drops.

The first Looney Tunes character that will get the NFT treatment is everyone's favorite little canary, Tweety, who is celebrating his 80th anniversary this year. The first collection will feature 10,000 Tweety avatars in various appearances, each selling for $80 starting on June 21. A presale session is scheduled to take place on June 20, and to be whitelisted, buyers must hold any rare, epic, or legendary Tweety Space Jam NFTs, or any Monstars NFTs in their wallet by June 15.

Those worrying about excessive gas fees should feel a little relieved knowing that the NFTs will be minted on the Palm Network, which is a sidechain for Ethereum. Buyers will have the option to pay using fiat (credit or debit card) or cryptocurrency ($DAI).

If Tweety isn't your favorite Looney Tunes persona, you can rest assured that other characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tazmanian Devil, and Marvin the Martian will join the NFT ranks in the What's Up Block collection sometime in the future.

Source: NFT Plazas.