LINE Life Global Gateway is Open for Indonesian Startups

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February 10, 2015

LINE messenger just announced that they are about to broaden their network by launching the “LINE Life Global Gateway” program with no less than 5 bill yen (around 42 mill dollars) at their disposal. LINE Corp, the parent of LINE messenger, suggested that the money will go to investment towards companies which serve online-to-offline (o20), e-commerce, payment, media, and entertainment services.

LINE had previously published last October during the LINE Conference Tokyo 2014 event that they planned to be a daily platform to all users, be it offline or online ones, through their “LIFE” theme. TechCrunch had it that LINE intentionally delayed their initial public offering to “globally expand their business”. Later in a press conference the month after, LINE’s COO Takeshi Idezawa at that time who is currently the CEO, said, “The keyword of our future is ‘LIFE”, LINE is the smartphone gateway of your life.”

This funding that LINE raised is definitely a fundamental part to make sure that the future profit they receive doesn’t rely on messanging app or game-related platform that much. In other words, LINE looks to transform itself into a lifestyle platform which covers every important service that people access through their portable devices.

With this expansion, LINE certainly intends to strengthen its grip on important markets like Indonesia, th ePhilippines, Columbia, and Mexico. In Indonesia, LINE is one of most preferred messaging services. This is indicated by the number of LINE users in the country, which reached 30 million last August.

In its official statement, LINE reminds those who want to submit a partnership proposal to setup the Partnership Category Option in “Inquiries about other types of LINE partnerships” after choosing the area you want to get involved in.

You may click this link to know more about the partnership.

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