Kreavi Ready to Launch This August

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July 24, 2012

After going through a live-beta phase since April, Kreavi will be officially launched on August 1. In the launching, Kreavi will introduce new features. One of Kreavi’s mainstay features is the Marketplace.

Marketplace feature is a feature for company or organization to look for creative talent. User can offer a job, promoting an event, hold a competition or look for collaboration partner.

In the 4 months of live beta, Kreavi claims to receive merry welcome from various parties. Thousands of people have registered to be Kreavi’s member and stored their portfolios on Kreavi.

Kreavi has also done some improvement after the beta phase. In addition to the new look, Kreavi also fixes the categorizing system. The categories are fewer to avoid confussion. Kreavi also provides Scrap Category for works considered not ready to be a a work qualified for industry.

User profile is also completed. User now can add some personal information such as their Facebook and Twitter accounts, CV, etc. For work in the form of video, Kreavi utilizes Vimeo’s service which it considers to be more qualified with no ad rather than YouTube.

All of the improvements are done to reach Kreavi’s aim which is to meet the need of information, inspiration and interaction in the creative industry in Indonesia. Kreavi hopes that creative people can use Kreavi an online portfolio, whether to find inspiration, interact, looking for a partner, job vacancy or creative project.

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